It’s time for Ben Justice’s PEOPLE’S Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time!

By | April 20, 2020

You may remember actual real TV developer Ben Justice did a ten-part series last year counting down his personal Top 100 UK Gameshows of All Time, and if you haven’t watched it here’s an exciting playlist.

Well! TV is a bit quiet at the moment and he’s proposing THE PEOPLE’S Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time, which is great as it means I don’t have to do it, and he’s promising more EXCLUSIVE video content.

But he needs YOUR votes to put it together.

If that link isn’t working, try this one – it’s just a Google form.

Do it for Luna!

7 thoughts on “It’s time for Ben Justice’s PEOPLE’S Top 100 UK Gameshows Of All Time!

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    I’d definitely be interested in Richard Osman’s personal top 100 (or 20, or frankly even half-dozen) if only there were someone who worked closely enough with him to get them.

  2. RoarJustice

    Lots of votes coming in, keep them coming!

    For those interested in the format that this will take….

    I will take the top 20 ranked shows that launched in each of five decade groups based on when they launched on UK TV.

    1970s and Earlier (20 shows)
    1980s (20 shows)
    1990s (20 shows)
    2000s (20 shows)
    2010s and 2020 (20 shows)

    These are the HEATS. You will be then able to vote for your favourites in the Heats and the TOP 8 in each group will qualify for the Semi Finals. We’ll do a fun video revealing the qualifiers (but not the scoring!)

    The 40 Semi Finalists will be drawn into two semi finals of 20 gameshows. Everyone will vote again and the top 10 in each semi will qualify for the final 20 and again we’ll do a fun video.

    Finally, we’ll do Eurovision with the final 20 shows to find our winner! This will also be a fun video we can all watch together.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      I wonder how different the composition of the five heats would be if you drew the boundaries at, say, before 1982, 1982 – 1991, 1992 – 2001, 2002 – 2011 and 2012 to date; I have a suspicion that 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991, 2000 and 2001 were relatively strong years compared to other years in their decades. (And now is sufficiently old, we can judge with some authority that the pattern does not continue for 2010 and 2011.)

  3. Brett Linforth

    You’re not kidding, Ben – it truly IS harder than it seems!

    1. RoarJustice

      Its very tough!

      Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, this is proving to be way more popular than I expected!

      Still need more votes so please don’t forget to. A lot of shows I have heard wax lyrical about not currently voted for at all, so do not assume your shows are on the list or that they are safe. A lot of big shows currently not making it due to the competition in respective decades, whilst some fun wild cards currently ARE making it in. Get voting! The moment I have 200 different shows nominated is when it will feel really healthy, we are currently already at 146 which is pretty great after just half a day. If I got the same number of votes again over the next week I’d be thrilled!

  4. RoarJustice

    At the end of the Day 2 of voting we are now up to 182 different shows nominated and as it stands heartbreak for a few formats you may assume would make it into a list of 100. Still plenty of time for that to change. Today saw a number of formats go from zero votes to a more or less guaranteed spot in the Top 100. A few rogue votes sent some formats way could well send a darling of gameshow fans sent home….

    Three more days (probably) to vote! Lets see if we can get enough votes to push past 200 different shows. I am constantly suprised by perfectly sensible suggestions only turning up so late. The last show I added to the list (the 182nd) was a show that actually I’d be very suprised if it doesn’t make the Top 100.

  5. RoarJustice

    This is your FINAL DAY TO VOTE if you havent already!

    Please do not duplicate vote if you already have mind.

    You have until 10pm tonight to get your votes in!


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