Have you got what it takes to beat The Cube?

By | July 1, 2020

They’re looking for pairs, intrigued to see if this means we’ll get two player games or if they’ll stick to one player with the other one shouting encouragement. Or both! What could be more exciting then your partner losing £100,000 you had both earned, after all.

11 thoughts on “Have you got what it takes to beat The Cube?

  1. John R

    It’s just counting to 10 Dave…but with YOUR WIFE and inside THE CUBE can you handle the pressure for £50,000?!?!

  2. David

    I was thinking about this- I could see them doing both single and team games:

    Game 1- one player
    Game 2-other player
    Game 3-both players
    Repeat for games 4-6 (game 7 is a repeat of course)

    The pairs mean they could also use a help one of the other versions did- Switch (the person in the cube can switch with someone outside the cube- in that version it was one of their supporters- and have them play the current game. It was done with a cool effect where the person in the cube dissolves out and the other person dissolves in, but I can’t find it online).

    I’d imagine they go to £500,000 as the top prize and maybe they do what they did for the celeb eps- so long as they beat game 1, they get 1k regardless (that might make some people gamble a bit)

    1. Brandon

      One extra rule they could include is that game 7 is always a repeat of any of the individual games, but it can’t be played by the same contestant as on the lower level.

  3. John R

    Pip has been advertising the contestant call on his social media…

  4. Tom B.

    Not only is there the casting call in the UK, there’s a casting call for The Cube here in the US too. So it’s entirely possible we’ll finally get it over here 🙂

    1. David B

      One thing about the US casting call was that it wasn’t clear whether it was for pilots/tests or a full series.

    1. Alex Richards

      Wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t change the steps and just augmented the top value. Given the team-based nature of it, I’m thinking they’ll be able to make the individual games much, much harder as a result.

    2. Tom F

      They won’t, but they SHOULD do cube numbers:
      1k, 8k, 27k, 64k, 125k, then jump to 343k and 1000k.

      More seriously, I think to get a nicely encouraging route to 1M, you’ve got to have a safety net, and that probably means having more than 7 steps.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        I love this tongue-in-cheek suggestion!

        Is the Millionaire “set the safety net at this level but you have to win it first” sufficiently well-established that it could be used here?

  5. Alex Richards

    Idea: you keep the ladder the same at 250k, but you have a settable safety net like Millionaire, however if you run 1 through 7 without needing it, the jackpot is quadrupled.


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