5 thoughts on “Unexpected places to find Deal or No Deal Vol 22

  1. Greg

    Challenge showed the first episode on Monday at 14:30 was fascinating to compare to the later series.

  2. NinjaBoi

    I’m still waiting for Amazon to get the rights to Survivor US in the UK so they can have it on Prime.

    1. Alex McMillan

      At this point it’s getting ridiculous that NO UK BROADCASTER will buy the Survivor repeats catalog. It’s 40 seasons of content!!!!

      1. NinjaBoi

        Mhm. 40 seasons, perfect for lockdown viewing, idk how no one in the UK really aired Survivor US (apart from Challenge in 2003 or something but no one watched that)

  3. Danny Kerner

    There are episodes missing from the list so isn’t the complete s4 yet.


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