Re-enter The Cube

By | September 9, 2010

Here we are, thanks to the plumbers for sorting the highly advanced technical problem out.

Anyway, The Cube is back next Sunday (as in not this one but the next one) (as in the 19th) at 6:45 on ITV1. So there we are.

There is an app for that. At £1.79 there are many worse things you could take a punt on, but get in quick because the price will be going up and then it becomes much more difficult to recommend.

6 thoughts on “Re-enter The Cube

  1. James E. Parten

    Here’s hoping that one of the Usual Suspects will upload each episode of “The Cube” onto YT mach schnell! (Come to think of it, nobody ever did upload the 29/8/2009 episode!)

    As for the app for the iPod, I doubt it. I don’t know what use I’d have for it, and could not afford it anyway. As for the iPhone and its ilk, I’ll stick to my land lines, enjoy the better sound quality, enjoy the reliability, and not put my business out in the street!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Lead-in for The X Factor.

      It is important to remember it was “only” averaging about 4-and-a-bit million last year. It may be a critical darling but…

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I actually don’t thnk Sunday evening as X Factor lead-in is that bad really – certainly Family Fortunes was doing OK out of it, and they’ve basically swapped places.

    2. Daniel Peake

      Or should we say deCUBEmissioned? Boom boom?

      I forgot about the X Factor lead in though, so it shouldn’t be as bad as a normal sunday. Ahem.


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