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By | December 30, 2010

Hey you!

Do you like fairly entertainingly written questions hidden inside horiffically broken formats, but done with enough pizazz to convince producers all over the globe that actually that way is the way to do it and then be surprised when it isn’t really all that successful if at all?

Then you’ll just love the fact you appear to able to watch all of GSN’s 1 vs 100 online, without having to resort to hiding behind a proxy if you’re in the UK either. Ta to Alex Buzzerblog for the heads up.

Knock yourself out, just as you’d knock out members of the mob.

22 thoughts on “Fun vs 100

  1. Alex

    To be honest I wouldn’t call the format ‘horrifically broken’. Or at least I wouldn’t call the US season 1 format that.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I absolutely would. Most shows make gambles worthwhile but because the Mob gets smarter and it’s all or nothing, there is no real reason to continue once you’ve amassed a certain amount, you’re risking more and more for ever decreasing returns – just feel that tension give away to disappointment every time. Also it would suck hard to be in the Mob. Having a money ladder system doesn’t actually change this.

      Once again I should reiterate, I can’t think of any international version that uses US rules that’s been a success. Dutch rules or variations of? Season after season.

      1. Alex

        OK, now you’ve put it that way, yeah. I still think the idea of ‘one vs the mob’ is decent, I just don’t know how to make that format work.

        But Tom Scott does!

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          It’s interesting.

          I do of course understand that $(50,000 x (Number of mob who answered incorrect/number of mob at start of question)) was never going to fly in the States, I think it says something about the Dutch that nobody questioned it there as well!

          Amusingly, despite the fact I originally thought in having extra dodges and a much higher winner rate than the Dutch version it missed the point a bit, the UK variation had a lot going for it.

          1. Alex

            Except for the colour scheme obviously, that was just nasty.

      2. Israguy

        I beg to differ… the Israeli version follows the US season 1 rules (Although using a slightly different money tree) And has already run for 4 seasons, with a fifth starting in a few months.

      3. David B

        You can easily ‘fix’ the brokenness by either ramping the money values more, or alternatively awarding the next level of money for knocking out fewer people, maybe on an accelerated triangular number-like basis, like this:

        X – $50,000
        XXX – $25,000
        XXXXX – $15,000
        XXXXXXX – $10,000
        XXXXXXXXX – $8,000
        XXXXXXXXXXX – $7,000

    1. Jennifer Turner

      And QI’s credits list can now boast two CBEs, with both John Lloyd and Howard Goodall getting… er, whatever it is you get for being a CBE. A medal, probably.

      1. Jennifer Turner

        Incidentally, new year honours are always a good indicator of which news outlets are lazily rewriting press releases and which are actually bothering to go through the lists, because there’s always someone famous who slips through unnoticed by the churnalists. This year, it’s Harriet Walter, who’s managed to become a dame without anybody noticing.

        1. David B

          Harriet Walter’s been able to become Harriet Walter without me noticing.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Hey David, check your mail! I’m waiting for a response on a few things before I can proceed with other things.

          2. Jennifer Turner

            I’m like that with sports people, they have to be really stupendously famous before I have the foggiest idea of who they are. I saw the end of Sports Personality of the Year where the winner was waving and being showered with glitter, and I hadn’t a clue who he was. I read the guy’s name and what sport he does later on the web, but I’ve forgotten it all now.

    1. Mart with an Y not an I

      Time to wheel out this story then.
      A friend of mine worked for a AM station in Worcestershire around 5 years ago – which at the time was owned by Muff Murfin (who did the very Gladiators theme). My mate was tasked with refreshing the stations jingle package, and was allowed to re-use and re-edit any pieces of music he could find in the library at Muff’s recording studio.

      Whilst sniffing around the archives he found the master tape of the 16 track Gladiators theme, sitting on a shelf, oxiding and decomposing badly. He felt he had to spool it onto the tape machine – and get a copy of it.

      (he also found the masters of John Sorrells beds used under the challenges for You Bet – but he never bothered with those as he never liked the show..)

        1. Tom Scott

          If that last line’s not true, it’s the best bit of trolling ever done on a moderately-sized web site about game shows. If it IS true, then *damn*.

      1. Travis P

        Shame your mate didn’t keep the You Bet! challenge beds. I would’ve love listening to those.

        I take the radio station you’re on about is probably Wyvern.


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