All New Blockbusters IS BACK!!!

By | June 20, 2012

With a celebrity special on 9th July. And what a spectacular birthday present that will be.

Do you remember All New Blockbusters? It was briefly popular for about a fortnight.

9 thoughts on “All New Blockbusters IS BACK!!!

  1. David

    Some info on USBB- The first commercials say that there will be 4 “Big surprises” (probably returnees) and the cast will be the largest ever (which means at least 17- BB9 had 16). My thinking is it’ll be 18, and they’ll start the game in pairs again. We’ll probably get the house tour late next week, and the media day interviews the week after- I suspect they’ll go into the house 2 weeks from tomorrow (Thursday July 5th).

    And if the UK ever wanted to do a new version of Jeopardy! but needed to fit it into a 45 minute slot, looks like the version in the Middle East might have solved the problem- They have a Triple Jeopardy round (values are triple value from the first round, and 2 Daily Doubles- the main differences is there are only 4 categories and not 6). It can cause some big swings late in the game- here’s an ep (Triple Jeopardy starts at about 34:10)- some of the clues there can take 10-15 seconds to ask, so if you used regular English-language clues you could probably do all 4 rounds in a 45 minute slot (with breaks after the first and 2nd rounds?)

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Can I have a P, please, Brig?

    Unrelatedly, the Guardian report news that Draw Something has been turned into a pilot for CBS, and riffs on turning other apps into game shows.

    I suspect we can do better.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      If the TV show is like the app, it’ll be quite good for a couple of episodes then get really boring.


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