Fans talk about The Genius

By | November 14, 2015

So do you remember the thing where we asked if people wanted to talk about The Genius? Here is the end result:


Just another quick reminder, Bother’s Bar’s Game Night has been postponed until next Saturday. I promise it will be worth the wait.

6 thoughts on “Fans talk about The Genius

  1. Alex McMillan

    Wasn’t sure if we were allowed to share the video, so now I know we’ve got the all clear time to start showing it off!

    It’s a fantastic trailer for The Genius Game, I’m hoping (although this is from quite an ignorant stand-point when it comes to TV production) the fact this video shows so many different people talking so highly about the show that the channels will feel it has an audience waiting for it.

    Also, very smug I got the last word. Very smug indeed.

  2. Tom F

    A little sad I got dropped, presumably for babbling like an idiot. But on the upside – they used Extreme Ways. Possessed trust level: 98%

    1. Ali B

      I babbled like an idiot too but they managed to find two usable seconds. Given how important the editing of The Genius is, I found that super-encouraging too.

  3. Lukachkinas

    Fans’ second 5MtaF episode is up. This week, you will get an enormous amount of landmarks, [24 H in a D]’s and teachers’ jokes. Fancy episode.


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