What have we learnt about the new series of 1000 Heartbeats starting next Monday?

By | November 16, 2015

We will have a separate Show Discussion page up for series two of the promising afternoon quiz (here’s our one for series one, for reference), a few things have come to light thanks in part to an interview with Baron Samedi Paul Farrer on Buzzerblog (it’s the hat) and this fun tweet:


  • The elephant in the room, I’m not loving the new font, sorry, although I completely understand the reasoning behind it (it’s clearer to read). The kerning’s all wrong on the figures.
  • There is new music and we are very excited by this, although we’d have been perfectly happy if they just played Round Five from last year for every round.
  • There are new games and we are very excited about this.
  • There’s going to be a Text Santa special with Keith Lemon in it, and if that picture is anything to go by he’s struggling in round two, but decent heart rate.

Can’t wait. The new series starts next Monday at the earlier time of 3pm (unless the first episode turns up accidentally early on the internet like last year), where it’s hoped it will do a bit better than Pick Me! currently in the 550-600k range.

5 thoughts on “What have we learnt about the new series of 1000 Heartbeats starting next Monday?

  1. Simon F

    Will be interesting to see if they change what most people thought was the most annoying thing last series (the heartbeat counting down whilst the questions were being read out) although I doubt it.

  2. Alex

    They could have really easily just emboldened the existing font, surely? Modaerne’s got two heavier weights than the one they’re using.

    (I believe this new one is Myriad Bold, old one was Modaerne.)

  3. Paul Farrer

    Trust me, the jumper they made me wear on the Text Santa special is by far the most visually offensive thing you’ll see on TV this year.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      “They made me.”

      Thanks for uploading some of your tunes for this to Youtube Paul, it’s probably my fave score you’ve done.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    In news that probably shouldn’t surprise anyone, we won’t be seeing a third series of Celebrity Squares anytime soon.


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