Not Watching Telly: Babushka

Yesterday I was turned away from a recording of ITV’s Babushka with Rylan, apparently they had already run out of space for general ticket holders 45-60 minutes before door opening on a show that they seemed pretty desperate to give tickets away for if my e-mails box is anything to go by, so we won’t know if it’s still basically Wipeout except with an actual hatred of its contestants and without the entertaining bits dragged out to an hour meeting another show that basically misunderstands Deal or No Deal as the format trailer suggests until broadcast. Applause Store are insistent that the show is “big in America”, which has our American friends scratching their heads in bafflement. This originally had Ryan Seacrest’s name attached to it, although they don’t play it up very much now.


On the upside I did go and have quite a good cash game session at a poker table at the Vic so every cloud etc.

In other news the new Big Brother Canada house looks stunning and GSN are working on a US version of Pointless, which I suspect will go down precisely as well as most other international versions, only more so.


  1. Danny Kerner says:

    Ednanol over in Canada must be doing well to have a fantastic makeover just shows what the UK could be if they able to give some effort instead of aiming at wannabe z list celebrities

  2. David says:

    The Code is starting a new series next week- thought it was a good show last time around..

  3. Alex McMillan says:

    The BBCan house looks stunning, it’s a shame the series isn’t the rumoured International All-Stars (Canada v. USA v. Australia v. UK etc.)

  4. George F says:

    Looks like Richard Osman has been working on a new quiz going by Charlie Higson’s twitter. Something called House of Games.

  5. David says:

    The only thing I can think of in terms of this being big in America is that the format seems kinda similar to Show Me The Money, and… no. Not even close to huge. Only five out of seven episodes even aired.

  6. John R says:

    Rylan has been doing the media circuit recently by the looks, trying to beat The Colour Of Money ‘the most stressful game show on British television but it’ll probably end up being a bit rubbish and get the axe quite quickly oh don’t forget we need to compare it to Deal Or No Deal too’

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