De Mol 2018

Saturdays, 8pm local time,

Der-derderderdunnaderderderderder-DER-DER! Yes! For the first time we’re going to attempt a discussion page for the superb Belgian version of De Mol. Ten contestants attempt to complete challenges in Mexico, but one of them is a plant out to sabotage. To stay in the game and win all the money, the contestants must deduce who… is The Mole?

As a UK site, we ask our international friends to refrain from spoiling until the English subtitled version appears.

Direct links to episode discussion:

Who are the contestants? With an average age of 38, from left to right, first row than second:

  • Lloyd, 21, Student
  • Pascale, 44, Marine Officer
  • Jeffrey, 40, Driver
  • Kelly, 39, Psychologist
  • Bahador, 27, Financial Recruiter
  • Joke, 32, Veterinarian
  • Channy, 26, Social Assistant
  • Steve, 60, Doctor
  • Pieter, 33, Priest
  • Katrien, 54, Events Manager

What twists and turns do we have to look forward to? Can’t wait.

55 thoughts on “De Mol 2018

  1. TVs Michael Harmstone

    37.7 is an astonishing average age for a show in 2018. I believe it might be the highest average age of any major show ever.

    My money is on Steve purely because his intro was the only one where I could see them cutting out him saying “Oh, and I’m also the Mole” but maybe with a side of Katrien or Pieter if they really want to make it funny.

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    I am so sick of competition shows having Joke contestants!

    Ahem. Sorry. I am quite excited for this, last year was the first I watched and I thought it brilliant.

  3. Clicky

    I LOVE the “Mole Cafe” concept, it’s so cute! Haha 😀

    1. Dale

      Yes! Haha I wouldnt mind visiting that cafe. As long as its not my coffee being sabotaged 😉

      1. Clicky

        Meh, unless I make my own coffee, I feel like I get my coffee sabotaged A LOT already. I’m more than willing to risk it (McDonalds here in the US always insists on adding flavoring to my iced coffee, for some reason only half of them understand the concept of not adding a flavor to an iced coffee… and Starbucks seems to forget my coffee wrong 20% of the time… and even though I ask for iced coffee 99% of the time, a lot of places assume that since it’s freezing outside that I wanted a hot coffee -_-).

        Why did I just go on that rant :|. Alas, submitting POST COMMENT anyways.

      1. Dale

        Yep they are quick to block the Belgium series. Keep an eye out on the daily motion page and it will be up there eventually. Its hosted by the same person doing it on YT. They also have a google drive link in the description.

          1. Andrew, the Yank

            Crap, was planning to rewatch it for the Suspect List. The first time was more purely for enjoyment.

          2. Mat

            There’s a Drive and mega link on Youtube — don’t want to post them directly just in case.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    I always forget how stunningly directed Belgian Mole is, and backed up with great challenges (what’s the smallest place you can do an escape room?), although a pity that the mariachi one was a retread of the cycling one from last hear. Also love the show’s rather cruel sense of humour, especially in the bullring. Love Gilles as host, love the idea of the cliffhanger – I womder how they’ll play that in future weeks.

    1. Mathew Palmieri

      i assume their going do a hostage mission with joke next episode. She presumably is exempt from the next quiz/execution due to that.
      Too early to decide the mole, but my first suspect was kelly. too bad i was wrong…. not sure about how there gonna incorparate more “Cliffhangers”.

  5. Clicky

    That ending felt a bit dramatic O_o.

    One of the contestants at the beginning said “I’m lying here” while in the coffin. I wonder if that word (lying) has the same two meanings in Belgian like it does not English (to lay down, and to **deceive**).

    I’m wondering if the bible is a hint that the Mole is the Priest, but most likely just a red herring.

    1. Steve

      I definitely saw the “lying” line and shouted “OH COME ON” at my computer.

      1. Mat

        If dutch is like my language liggen means to lie down and liegen means to lie to someone so they are different verbs that are the same in english. In European languages we have a lot of different verbs that english combines into one word 😀

  6. Andrew, the Yank

    THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. The opening with Gilles driving then cutting to the people in the coffins.. damn.

    Also the rock music kicking in as they had just spotted the graves was awesome. So hype.

    … also Gilles is beautiful. Why do I always have a crush on various Mole hosts? it started all the way back with Anderson Cooper, and may have been one of my earliest crushes that helped me figure out things about myself… I was 13 at the time.

    Haha, making them think a bull would come out was funny enough, but them chasing the chickens was hilarious.

    WHAT IS THE CLIFFHANGER? gah. The Belgian versions likes its twists, doesn’t it?

  7. Daniel Peake

    For those who crave it, I’ve put up a Suspect List Lite for De Mole 2018!

    It works differently to the normal suspect list – you have 100 points to split amongst your Mole candidates. Any you put on the actual Mole count towards your score.

    You can submit EACH WEEK with the following link (so bookmark it or whatever):

    As it’s not Dutch Mole, I may not be publicising it each week and generally putting less time into it, but it’s there for us all to have a go at, in the mean time. I’ve submitted for this week and it turns out its bloody hard!

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      See, I badgered for it mainly cause I’m editing the bit where I give my theories at the moment (podcast is up tomorrow!) and I’m quite blinkered onto one suspect right now, for better or for worse.

      1. Clicky

        You do a podcast for De Mol? Where doth one listen to said podcast?

  8. Ali

    Can someone explain the cliff hanger to me? I watched it and I really cannot understand what happened.
    Did the person who received it get thrown off the show? Or are we not meant to know what happened?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I don’t think so, it probably said something like ‘do not read aloud’ and then a set of instructions, and they’ll probably be doing the next challenge for an exemption or something.

      The point of the cliffhanger is that you tune in next time to find out what happens!

      1. TVs Michael Harmstone

        See, I initially thought it was an exemption game, but something about them making a deal over Gilles asking for the Molebook makes me think there might be more to it.

  9. Tantusar

    It’s very interesting to me looking at the aesthetic differences between the two shows. WIDM still holds true to that analog, inky, typewriter on brown paper feel, whereas De Mol is solely clean lines and digital/glitch effects. The most obvious difference is in the two logos and fingerprint graphics. The collapsing of the traditional player intros found in WIDM’s opening titles into De Mol’s recap also stands out to me as an interesting and different choice.

    As far as which is better? It’s hardly a simple choice, I do like both. I think De Mol makes better use of graphics in order to convey progress through challenges but it’s hard for me to pass up the typewriter.

    Both shows’ main and recurring themes are strong but I gotta give De Mol props for that execution bed and accompanying sound effects. A perfect balance of constant tension without giving away when it ends.

    This is gonna be a good season, and it’ll be a pleasure watching along with y’all.

  10. Dale

    Giles “…they will win the first cliffhanger..”
    Me “Cliffhange? Do they mean twist and translated it wrong?”
    *30 Minutes Later*

    Anyways! Loved this first ep. Strong start the opening game is one of my favorites but honestly nothing can top WIDMs this year. I do like how De Mol adds twists and layers to the game. I cant wait to see what the heck that cliffhanger was and why Gille took the Mol Diary off Kelly. And a tie the first execution! I guess since jokers and exemptions are extremely rare in De Mol it will happen more often.

    As for my Mole I have no idea Joke, Lloyd, Pascale, and Pieter are all on my radar. Its a bit harder with civillians because they dont have ‘characters’ they play on the TV already. But it does make the game more interesting because the production takes more risks, i.e. everyone pooing themselves thing a bull was going to come out into the ring.

  11. Stephen

    Episode 2 up usual place not sure if should share link or not since don’t want it to get pulled

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Ahhh, another brilliant episode, was sort of right about the Cliffhanger (I note it’s not something they’re setting up for every episode), three great challenges, I thought the blindfold one was particularly cleverly constructed but the other two were fun as well.

      I’ve got no clue who the Mole is, but I like the group.

      “I see it in your eyes.”
      “I’m wearing sunglasses.”


  12. John R

    I have a main suspect after this episode, which probably means they’ll get eliminated in the next one…oh well.

    No shock to lose who went though, I had to think ‘who’ when they kept popping up throughout the episode anyway!

  13. Dale

    This episode was a doozey my top three were very active this episode, and thankfully one of my 0 pointers went home this week.

    I do find it puzzling why the players in the truck didnt want the deal even if it was one joker. One joker is a advantage if the others have none, especially early in the game. So many moley things happend that assignment definitely will have to re watch.

    The blind fold was great I am surprised they did so well in the quiz and didnt touch the journals! I would have ripped that blind fold off the minute Gilles walked off. And the base ball was a twist on a classic!

    OVerall another great episode!!!!!

  14. Andrew, the Yank

    This fugitive challenge is great. So dynamic, and the negotiations between Joke and particularly Lloyd are so interesting.

    Did.. did Pieter, the Priest, just say “goddamn it”? It wasn’t subtitled in English, but that’s how I’ve been reading it. He definitely swore other things.

    “Lloyd regrets it! I can see it in his eyes!” “No you don’t, I’m wearing sunglasses.” Hahahaha.

    Oh no they’re showing the contestants getting drunk, I bet the challenge the next morning will be early and physical.

    I like them messing with the blindfolded people, all, “Oh, this is so beautiful!” And Jeffrey dryly saying, “I’ll see it on TV” was a solid response.

    oh my god leaving them blind trying to find their way is so cruel and brilliant. That lady guiding them was a saint.

    Did.. did the priest just marry Katrien and Jeffrey?

    Jeffrey walking into every pole and their guide saying ‘sorry’ gets funnier each time.

    Ha, I guess I bought into the show’s joke about marrying them. But that being said, it’s amazing that they got all three questions right. Unless one of them is the mole. Still, what a productive day. Such a nice change of pace from the Dutch version, hah.

    Nooo, not Channy. I really liked her! Alas!

  15. Chris M. Dickson

    The first challenge was sensational; Interceptor meets a negotiation game. It would have been better played if they had been able to come to a 2-2-2-2 agreement, and probably if the four of them had teamed up then it would have quite plausible for them to go to the location on the far side of the hacienda and pick up the other four. The question is whether they could have got these other four to the urn and split them 3-3-3-3 or whether the couple in the helicopter would have played hardball, because they have a paintball gun too, and required a 2-2-2-2-2-2 split…

    This show is packed with fantastic ideas!

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It totally crossed my mind that going along to all the other places and picking up the jokers in the car as an idea – pity they didn’t explore it!

  16. Brig Bother Post author

    Just noticed that Ep 3 is coming later in the week, so if you’re wondering where it is, well now you know.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      That was an intense episode. Classic ending game and slightly predictable boot given the usual tropes being prevalent but stellar episode nevertheless.

      1. David

        I’m guessing the way the Mole knew which person was eliminated in advance is by what specific question was revealed to everyone- they were told that if it’s this question, it’s this person, if it’s a different question, it’s this person, etc. Whatever the answer was had nothing to do with it.

        In this case I’d think the Mole might have been told to try and protect the pot as much as possible; get a case with as much money as they could, and try and keep a large amount away from the potential eliminee (someone was likely going to buy a joker anyway, especially if they were spooked by the question reveal- I’m wondering if the jokers even mattered in the end).

        1. TVs Michael Harmstone

          I’m sure Gilles will tell us in the (seemingly-live this year) reunion – he did with the special elimination last year.

          My Mole suspicion is pretty solid at the moment – there were a lot of things pointing to them this weke.

          1. John R

            With that theory could the mole therefore be the contestant shown answering the children question during the test footage?

            My Mole went this episode anyway so back to square one! With all the Tequila shots flowing this series I’ve now changed my guess to Phillip Schofield.

            Also unless I missed it Giles took the mole diary from the eliminated contestant in Ep1 and Ep3 but not in Ep2?

          2. Brig Bother Post author

            As I’ve said in the past, The Mole is basically a hugely entertaining guessing game for the audience and that anything and everything can be a clue once you’ve tuned into a certain mindset.

            But sometimes I hear people go “oh, my Mole is gone” and find the choice completely baffling!

  17. Brig Bother Post author

    Man, can’t wait for the reunion show.

    Belgian Mole is so good at mixing light and dark – the first two challenges had some wit behind them, and even though you can see the punchlines coming a mile off they still land effectively. You knew they were going to get drunk, you knew the dancers were going to be joined by twenty other people. You knew the contestants were going to look silly trying to sing. And it was still amusing. And then I laughed at the idea of stopping a stunt racing driver in his tracks by having an old man with a zimmerframe cross the road. For all its high-faluting production values, it does very well to throw in some quite low comedy at times.

    And then the final challenge punches everyone in the face. I’ll miss Jeffrey.

    They seem to have gome quite big on mini-challenges this year.

  18. stephen

    Loved the mole so damn much glad we have people doing subs for this & the dutch version

    Be very interesting to see if anybody buying a pasvragen saved them or was it always going to be Jeffrey going.

  19. Andrew, the Yank

    The sombrero task is close to impossible, right? Even if you don’t factor in them watching each other and generally being terrible, that would be incredibly difficult. Though it occurred to me at the end, when they were testing the keys.. it would be a pretty brazen mole action if they had the right key but pretended it didn’t work.

    The driving challenge was both cool and funny. This version likes to have really convoluted tasks, but they’re almost always good fun.

    Oh god this twist is BRUTAL. And the conversations have so many possible implications about who the Mole is. Stunning work.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      I think the Sombrero task was damn near impossible. Unless you’re lucky enough to guess the memory game immediately, you have zero chance of everyone paying attention long enough.

    1. John R

      They replied to a comment saying it would be delayed this week as they’ve been a bit too busy to do it, which you can appreciate with it taking so long to do each episode.


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