Belgian Mole 2020

Sundays from March 8th, 7:55pm (CET)
Vier, Belgium

Belgian Mole is BACK and this time Gilles de Coster has bought ten people along for an adventure of a lifetime in Greece. They must work as a team to earn money for a pot that one of them will take home. Unfortunately one of them is not to be trusted. The winner is the person who can best answer the question wie is… de mol?

But who are they?

  • Bruno, 50, a technical director
  • Laure, 46, a management assistant
  • Bart, 43, a lawyer
  • Dorien, 27, a sauna manageress
  • Salim, 28, a cinema shop manager
  • Els, 51, a teacher
  • Christian, 26, a consultant
  • Alina, 20, a speech therapy student
  • Gilles, 29, a hospitality manager
  • Julien, 26, a bank clerk.

It sounds like we’re *probably* getting English subs, although they may take a bit longer than usual and we’re very appreciative for the effort. Until we know what’s going on, the standard ‘please don’t spoil until the English subs turn up’ rule applies, we’re a UK site with a mainly UK audience. I thank our international friends for their consideration.

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55 thoughts on “Belgian Mole 2020

  1. Brandon

    Natalia has said the premiere is going to be subtitled. I don’t know about the rest, but it might be uploaded a bit later than the usual superhuman speed.

    1. John R

      Yes it is very much appreciated, the excitement is already at peak levels after Cafe De Mol…I mean come on they’ve started messing with the candidates A MONTH before setting off this year!!!

      Also pretty cool that Christian was able to take part in all the challenges apart from cars

      Predictably the biggest suspect so far on the Cafe De Mol poll is the contestant named ‘Gilles’

  2. Tantusar


    Links are in the usual place.

  3. Tantusar

    Verdomme! Belgian Mol continues to be a cinematic feast! That consistency of visual language always makes me smile, the soundtrack is always on-point, and the use of aspect ratio? Mwah. I’m hyped for the season.

    The escape task is a first challenge staple, and put to good use here, and the second task was also very good.

    Interesting to see 100% profit on an episode… Albeit profit that still hasn’t put the contestants in the green.

    And the classic first episode cliffhanger for good measure. Warm fuzzies!

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so good. This is going to be the year of swoopy drone shots I see.

    That second challenge though manages to be quite complex and involved, yet it all made sense and was edited for maximum laughs as well. A cut above.

    Two pieces of dialogue that tickled me: Alina (I think) casually asking Bart if he chose Money For Nothing in the car (even though this doesn’t quite work if you think about it), and Salim’s casual dwarf tossing joke on the island.

    Christian looks exactly like Passe-Partout on Fort Boyard. I actually think there’s a half decent chance he’s The Mole, there was one person he says looked like he’s seen them before, and that person is… GILLES DE COSTER. Otherwise I think they’re editing Bruno for a classic late-stage shock elimination.

    How sunburnt is Gilles going to be before the end of the series?

    Will anyone open the box?

    I can’t WAIT to find out!

    1. John R

      “Ah a nice normal execution…WHAT?!” Is that the first time in Mole history that the elimination screen has shown something other than the elimination screen?

      I was a bit shocked by the elimination too, they made a throwaway “It’s me” comment just before the red screen which was of course probably far too obvious to be a clue

      1. John R

        Also quote of the week

        Alina : “I’ll kill you Dorien and Christian!”

        Dorien “Nice sunshine!”

  5. Clicky

    Julien and Christan are my early suspects.

    I’m really hoping it is Christan, and that his story at the very beginning ties directly into his task as the Mole and they rewind and show him getting a chair and putting on a cloak to look like the mole did at the beginning. And they can revisit his story about being able to do anything… including being The Mole ;).

    Psychologically, if you see the Mole as this mystery taller red cloaked figure (you’re in a chair, they’re higher than you) that you’re looking up at and don’t actually start for a few days, that one meeting with the mole will be settled in your subconscious to a degree and then when you meet everyone your subconscious would be less likely to think it’s the shorter individual because you’re always looking down at that individual.

    I’m convincing myself more and more on this the more I think about it!

    1. Steve

      It’s *totally* going to be Pandora’s Box. I’m just wondering which direction they’re going to take with it. On one hand, it could be the annual paint bomb, but possibly with more tricks attached (everyone else’s name is in there too, the name is written on some sort of terrible creature a la Boyard, etc.). On the other hand, I think it’d be funny if someone opens the box and they can clearly see the Mole’s name, but they’re trapped in that little alcove and unable to collect information for the rest of the day, ensuring their execution unless someone fills them in.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I don’t know if anyone’s played The Resistance: Avalon, but I wonder if there’s any mileage in one person KNOWING who The Mole is but has to get through to the end without The Mole (who doesn’t know who it is) somehow calling them out on it, Merlin style, or be instantly eliminated?

  6. Brandon

    The contestants know that they won’t be given that information in a simple way, so they’re going to be trying to work out what the catch is before they open it, when one contestant suddenly says “fuck it” and opens the box, pissing the others off. At least, that’s my prediction.

  7. Matt Clemson

    Alina is immediately a favourite, aided by the absolutely wonderful editing on the second task.

    Slightly intrigued by the fact that I believe the names entered in the elimination were in alphabetical order, but skipped one (well, two, but one had a exemption!)… but I think Belgian Mole has done the “Mole’s name was never entered into the laptop” as a clue before, so it seems a bit unlikely they’d reuse it.

    Random thought in part comparing this with the Dutch version: when did we lose “receiving the mole books” – and occasional games involving them – as part of the underlying story of the Dutch show? And the family visit? I’m sure both those were A Thing in the Dutch version in the past but have been lost, but they’re still part of the whole ceremony of the show here.

    Maybe that’s a back-to-basics aspect Dutch mole could benefit from, just a *touch* more ritual and ceremony to the game itself.

  8. Chris M. Dickson

    This show is just so full of ideas, and going the extra mile, and being better than it needs to be, in a way that other versions aren’t. Wonderful.

    Thank you so much, Natalia!

  9. Carl D

    That premiere episode was so good! I am already in awe with this season than the whole Dutch Mole Season 20 combined.

    Anyways, has anybody noticed that Alina already knew Gilles name beforehand? She then countered it with asking for Gilles’ name again. But on the other hand, I know De Mol is a carefully edited show and they cannot really let a slip-up from a mole into the episode.

    1. Carl D

      I made this comment under Natalia’s channel and she corrected me by saying it was actually Jolien that knew Gilles’ name beforehand.

  10. Andrew, the Yank

    Yooooo, as always Belgium comes out of the gates with a brilliant opening.
    … and I typed that just from the introduction of the players, and their meeting with the mole, but then all the astonishing cinematography to introduce Greece as the location, and then the opening game with them all stranded on cliffs, and Gilles’s voice echoing around… GOD. This show is so incredible.
    Also, it’s going to be confusing to have a contestant named Gilles, haha.
    The editing when the people were rapelling me and cutting to them looking at the clock, the way the clock was filmed, the creepy Sound of Silence cover… this show is so perfect. Also, the way the clocks were being filmed kinda reminded me of Saw.
    Also that edit when it cut away from Bruno’s clock at 7500, then cut back to that number and started counting up again for Bart was really clever. Also, mad respect to Gilles and Christian for both going for 0, and Julien for going so low too.
    Christian saying that he’s used to seeing people react to seeing him for the first time, and someone looked like they saw him for the second time was striking. Also backing up slightly, I thought it was cool that Salim talked about the prejudice he faces with people crossing the street (but he was also really funny about it – “maybe their house is that side! and when I have my dog with me, everyone comes up to say hi!”), and Alina talking about having been ‘illegal’ for so long.
    The island challenge was fun, every aspect was cool and it was interesting how they interacted (or could have interacted, in the case of Bart helping from his kayak). And I do respect his effort to ‘redeem’ himself.
    … Gilles is so handsome, as ever. And so is Gilles, for that matter.
    But damn, I’m really sad he got eliminated. Not only did I respect the 0 bid, he seemed genuinely cool, and he was obviously passionate about the game. Seeing him cry, and Gilles giving him a hug was touching.

    OH FUCK ANOTHER TWIST. THE BELGIAN VERSION GOES HARD. Crap. I can’t get over how riveting this show is.

      1. John R

        WHAT AN EPISODE…another favourite candidate of mine GONE…and then just to further mind f**k the mole diary is back!1!1

  11. Clicky

    The box was genius…

    I just wished someone had opened it… because they could have done the unthinkable…

    They could have took all the names except their own, left their own name in the box. And then leave and hope someone else opened it up. I suspect the producers were hoping this might occur. Such a brilliant missed opportunity!

  12. Carl D

    This show just keeps on giving. And they are just doing it on a regular 8th season! (Shade to the 20th WIDM season).

    The two challenges were too good. The Belgian production always designs it in a way that it actually looks plausible to do it, and also has a nice ring to it. Where can we find the dedication to actually make a board game out of a task? And that “wedding” they organized was so fun. They redid a concept where the contestants had to blend in a group of locals singing/dancing and a jury has to select who belonged or not. *SEASON 5 SPOILER ALERT* This was when they put the mole in S5 to sabotage *SEASON 5 SPOILER ALERT* so I’m looking closely at Jolien and Salim now.

    Also, they are wearing De Mol customized shirts! I want one but I live so far away from Belgium sadly.

  13. Brig Bother Post author

    * Bart is *such* a card.
    * Incredible sweatshirts.
    * Great bit of planning with Pandora’s Box. We tricked you! But no really, here’s our *rather clever reveal*. They should rename this show “Gilles De Coster’s Rather Clever Reveal Show”.
    * Excellent tasks as ever. When it was suggested at the Greek Heads challenge that if they lost they’d have to go right back to the start I was going to assume that was going to be the same for all challenges – in many ways they planted the joke in your head before the actual information was revealed. The wedding was quite a fun take on the timeline challenge they’ve used in the past.
    * Poor Bruno, I liked him.

  14. Chris M. Dickson

    Another very, very good episode.

    Here’s a very silly theory, presented purely as alternate universe fanfiction rather than a serious suggestion, because the really clever editing means that we can’t absolutely rule it out, and it’s fun to think about in a purely abstract sense.

    The show didn’t make it absolutely clear what Jolien and Laure did with Pandora’s Box between 5am and 6am that night. It’s possible that they might have looked inside and maybe, or maybe not, saw the name of the Mole. The very serious consequences include that everyone has to keep up a pretence that they haven’t done, including what becomes a fake (non-)revelation of the box contents. Conceivably they would be able to avoid elimination every time, until reaching (e.g.) the final four, at which point it is revealed that the serious consequence was that they were disqualified from winning and that the final four are made up of a winner, a Mole, and two disqualified contestants. While this probably wouldn’t be as satisfying as a normal conclusion to a season, it would be so shocking that it would be a satisfying and memorable conclusion to a unique piece of gameplay, carried on to its natural conclusion, in its own right.

    On another matter, I think Jolien is very attractive. I wonder to what extent her attractive appearance made her a strong candidate contestant, and I wonder to what extent she is attractive in part because she’s a contestant playing a game as remarkable as this?

    1. Brandon

      Maybe they should upload at least the highlights of what was talked about in the part it fast forwarded past.

  15. Matt Clemson

    So, this ‘alphabetical order except one’ factor seems to be true for Ep2 as well, but on a different person. Guess that suggests it’s a deliberate red herring, but for the sake of completeness:

    Ep1 went in alphabetical order from Alina, Els was omitted
    Ep2 went in alphabetical order from Jolien – the next player after the eliminated player, looping to the start after Selim; Alina is omitted.
    I’ll be intrigued to see if the first person Gilles enters into the laptop next week is Christian.

  16. Matt Clemson

    Oh, I also wanted to mention – just as a minor production values thing – the absolutely gorgeous shot at the start of the wedding sequence where the cars park and the candidates get out as the camera – on a drone, I assume – flies *in* through the car window and out the other side before pulling up to see the wedding being set up in the distance. Glorious.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      I say this in the podcast, but this show is amazing. The production values are sky-high, and they do it on a very limited budget. The care and attention that goes into it is second-to-none and you can feel the effort to make it as amazing as possible from pretty much every production decisions.

      Also, OPA!

      1. John R

        Haha, just listening to your podcast on WIDM reunion and it dawned on me on the return flight home that I had left my headphones in the seat pocket…of the outgoing flight <_<

  17. Andrew, the Yank

    As ever, this show is incredible. Echoing the comment about the shot as they arrived at the wedding challenge. Which was just fun all around. “Salim, I think we should put you in the back.” Bart carrying the dog and saying, “I know how you feel.” Christian awkwardly trying to pour the oversized champagne bottle. This show’s devious sense of humour is part of what puts it so far above anything else.

    I already really like this group; I loved how much fun they were having in the tent. Especially when Jolien was interviewing and kept getting interrupted by the laughter coming from behind her.

    The box was hilariously devious, particularly because I fully expected the twist.. but not the SECOND twist. Brilliant. And Gilles did it so well, with the astonishing gravitas he always displays.

    So, so good.

  18. Brandon

    The point about Jolien’s interview is something I noticed as well, it doesn’t pretend that everything else suddenly stops when the confessionals are being filmed, on other shows they probably would have tried to get everyone else to be quiet for a moment or done it somewhere else.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      It adds to the vibe of the show feeling like a travelogue first and a game second. Outside of the challenges/executions, the vibe is more “Papa Bear Gilles de Coster’s Magical Mystery Tour” than a game of sabotage and deception.

  19. Brig Bother Post author

    I have no idea if/when Eng subs for ep 3 are coming, so from 6pm tonight I will watch it in Belgian and lift the discussion curfew.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Right, so, if you want to know what the challenges are, here they are. It’s well edited, so it’s still pretty easy to follow, although doubtless *some* of the character driven stuff is lost without the subs. You’ll need a VPN and then to sign up to SBS’s missed shows service.

      This is non-spoilerriffic with regards to results.

      Task 1: Teams split into two teams of four and each team has their own boat they will paddle down the river. To earn money, each team will take time out twice along the river to perform tasks. To keep the money, the teams must reach the finish line within ten seconds of each other. To makes things more interesting, the teams are told that whichever team crosses the line first will get some interesting information which might help them find the mole.

      Mini-task 1: Teams must stop and try and break urns with monetary values on them, each one adding cash, using a slingshot. However one of the urns is marked by blindfolds, and if that one gets smashed then the next stage of the river paddling must be done with two people wearing blindfolds.

      Mini-task 2: Rock stacking. Each team must make a tower of at least seven rocks, most of which marked with cash amounts, and one which if it’s used allows them to remove the blindfolds.

      The winning team gets to watch the videos of the interview room where Gilles tells people they’re on the show.

      Task 2: Split into two groups again.

      Task 2-1: An archaeological dig! There are around twenty places marked out with flags, most of them with an associated Euro value, and two marked with question marks. On the table is a timeline split into five different eras. In one hour, the team must dig up the objects and at the end place one correctly in each period, if they do that, they win the value of the objects that was flagged. If they fail they get zero. There are two bigger dig sites – one with a lamp and one with a video recorder in it worth big money, and they get the use of a JCB to dig in those ones – with no training. What’s in the question mark sites? A metal detector and the instructions for the JCB digger. (This is one where I fear I might have missed something somewhere).

      Task 2-2: The other subteam will be taught the basics of sculpting. They will then scuplt models representing all eight remaining contestants out of… feta cheese! If subteam one can identify all the sculptures, by putting the correct nametags in the right places, they win €2,000.

      Everyone gets very drunk.

      Task 3: The eight are split into six and two. Subteam one will remain on the island, subteam two are taken to library. This game is about mythological creatures and based around Thesus and the minotaur. ST1 on the island have a board with the names of six mythical creatures, of the sort that tend to have the body of one creature and the head of the other and 18 (?) half-creature puzzle pieces. They phone up the research duo and put those ones all together. That’s not worth anything though. With the remaining pieces they must make six *more* creatures, each worth €1,000 and to do that they must clip onto a winding rope and progress through a course through the forest – six different ropes, during each one is a sign with the name of a creature, and at the end three possible pieces that could complete the puzzle. So far, no jeopardy. However. Each runner is hooked up to a heart monitor. Before entering the forest, they must decide how many of their 7,000 heartbeats they want to use for the attempt. In the forest lives the minotaur and it’s attracted to fear – if at any point the player’s heart rate goes above 120, the minotaur will start hunting them, but will lie down again if the heart rate reduces. However run out of heartbeats and the alarm goes off and the minotaur will hunt until the player escapes, or they’re caught and out of the game. The team can do as many runs as they like, although once an amount of heartbeats has been removed from the bank they’re gone after the attempt.

      Blimey – that reads very complicatedly, but it seems fine on television.

      Then it’s the test and execution.

      1. Brandon

        You don’t even need a VPN now,the geoblock has gone, but you do need to put in a valid Belgian postcode. I put in 4 random digits and luckily it was OK, if only there was something in a recent episode that involved postcodes…

        I’ve not finished watching the episode yet, but when all the contestants got drunk I hoped it was going to lead to a similar twist to the heist task from the South Africa season. Just reading the description, the last challenge reads like it was inspired by 1000 Heartbeats and that Doctor Who episode where a Minotaur feeds off fear.

          1. Brandon

            I hadn’t actually no, I did think about it but I changed my mind because I obviously don’t want anything spoiled. Just shows that I have no original ideas.

  20. John R

    I will wait patiently weeks/months for the subs, understandably Natalia probably has far more important mstters happening at the moment in real life, I *think* she moved to New York for a new job last year so it must be awful being there whilst her family is miles away

    I doubt they’ll even be able to do a proper reumion episode this year either, they’ll probably have to reunite via Skype or something which sort of sucks when Gilles and the team have put such a huge effort into producing the series, quite crazy to think how much things have escalated in just the couple of weeks since the Wie Is De Mol finale…

    1. Steve

      Very much same patiently waiting in Subs as I just don’t think I could stumble through the episode without having any clue what’s going on


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