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Watching Telly: That Puppet Game Show

By | July 21, 2013

I’ve just got back live from Broadcasting House viewing an audience showing of That Puppet Game Show (i.e. the show’s been recorded, we’re being shown an edited version so they can put our laughter and applause over the top). It comes out to 50 minutes, and is said to be going out on Saturday nights August/September… Read More »

Watching Telly: Reflex

By | April 7, 2013

Right I’ve just got back from watching Reflex filming at The Fountain at Wembley. It’s changed rather from the pilot (which Martyn wrote up here a while ago). For pragmatic reason of keeping the 5 Minutes to a Fortune show discussion post more visible, I’m going to hide my thoughts under a cut.

Watching Telly: Beat the Pack

By | February 11, 2013

New daytime quiz beginning apparently March 4th. TV’s Paul Brassey suggests the inspiration for it comes from not being able to convert early poker tournament leads into actual victories which is very interesting and you can see in the format, although apparently he hasn’t been involved with it for a long time. This was filmed… Read More »