Watching Telly: Million Pound Drop

By | June 18, 2014

Well look, we wait weeks and weeks to have worthwhile things to post and then the last week there’s been an exciting deluge. It looks as though the Summer of Boring is over. Anyway our good chum Matt (@iMattG5) went on saw one of the recording sessions for the recorded Million Pound Drop series coming up, and here is the wisdom he has to impart (edited and pieced together):

  • Alan Carr returns to play with Nick Grimshaw, mainly to advertise The Singer Takes It All. It sounds like TSTIA will be slotted at the same time or around MPD as Davina recorded a “next Friday at 9pm” link. The prize for TSTIA hasn’t been decided yet – much hilarity when Alan said it should be renamed “£10,000 Or Flaps” but he had to retake that.
  • The epic lights on the floor don’t count down the clock anymore. [In fairness, whilst it’s a cool feature you would rarely see it on screen – Brig]
  • Only seven questions and no Final Drop.
  • It sounds like they might be allowing five-person teams, not 100% on this but I seem to remember when Davina did her voiceovers she did one for two parents and three kids.
  • For survey-based and other subjective questions they now have a ‘source’ section on the big screen. Good idea IMO.
  • The taping I saw turned out to be a contained episode (no players carried over to next show) so it could be slotted in whenever. [Edit: For clarification, this episode in particular, built to promote another show. It’s unknown as to whether other eps will rollover.]

Thanks Matt!

It sounds like The Singer Takes It All is on quite a fast turnaround, I hope the technology works.

2 thoughts on “Watching Telly: Million Pound Drop

  1. Steven

    This starts Friday 11th July at 8pm.

    I think there’s a Celebrity DOND going out in that slot the previous week, too.


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