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By | May 27, 2018

Weekdays, 6pm,

Richard Osman’s House of Games (or ROHOG, as all the cool kids are calling it) begins a second run of shows after a successful 15 episode run last year. The commission for this one is fifty, but whether they’ll show them as one block or several remains to be seen. Being the BBC, they’ll probably show the new series for a few days and then put repeats on.

Lots of new games promised, which is good as the show is not immune from the Laws of Mini-Game Fatigue, Osman or no Osman. Also new prizes by the sounds of things.

We discussed series one here.

22 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Richard Osman’s House of Games Series 2+

  1. Cheesebiscuits

    I’m pretty sure there were 15 episodes in the first series not 20.

    I hope they have a lot of new games if they’re going to sustain such a long run. I also hope they hold a few back for a few weeks so we keep seeing new ones crop up.

  2. John R

    Talking of BBC2 shows, whatever happened to Debatable?

    1. David B

      I think it’s died. There’s a whole host of decent and middle-performing shows that simply haven’t been recommissioned.

  3. Matt Clemson

    With the tweet of Eggheads being back on 25th June, that suggests we might well be looking at a run of 20 of House of Games for now with more later on.

    1. Thomas Sales

      Funny, I read that and thought Eggheads would be back at 25th June on 6:30, after Curious Creatures’ run.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Well not much different in episode one, but it’s good to see the writers still have an ear for a pleasingly amusing sounding answer.

  5. George F

    Two new games on today’s show – one where you have to give answers in alphabetical order and the other where you have to give clues collectively to one player to guess the name of a book. Both quite enjoyable – getting your head round The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was tough!

    Celine Dionomatopoeia on Answer Smash was a great answer too.

  6. Simon

    Another new game today . Elephant in the Room – where you have to remove the same word from the answers (eg today it was ANT so if the clue was “What are the letters in the alphabet called that aren’t vowels” the answer would be CONSONS

    1. Matt Clemson

      I’m hoping that at some point the question-setters pick an answer that doesn’t *have* the letters to omit (but ideally sounds like it does!) to see who spots that they just need to give the answer… and similar, I’d like at some point for there to be an answer that includes *two* of the word to avoid, to see if one team member forgets to keep checking after successfully navigating the first!

  7. George F

    More new games today.

    Roonerspisms – Players face two questions where the answers are spoonerisms – e.g Lenny Pain/Penny Lane

    I’m Terrible at Dating – Richard gives a historical event and the players have to write out the year they think it took place. The person closest to the correct answer wins a point.

  8. Alex

    Series 3, Episode 1
    Kate Thornton thinking the world’s tallest sandcastle is two miles long will stick in my mind forever. Nobody irritated me. Stormed Z-A; got all but one question correct. Loving the slightly darker set colours. Miquita Oliver is just lovely, isn’t she. Finished on 11 points; a respectable second place for me today (3 points for leaderboard today, aim to get 15+ by the end of the week).

    No new games *insert sad face*. No Broken Karaoke *insert sadder face*. The Rich List dragged. Rhyme Time, first game on the Monday, AGAIN. Sadly I have a suspicion that Ed Gamble will walk this; Kate and Ade not as intellectual as I thought. Answer Smash is good after a certain amount of episodes.

    Episode rating- 8/10

    CHEEKY COMMENT: Dream show for me- Mouse of Games, Distinctly Average, This Round Is In Code, Put Your Finger On It, Answer Smash

    1. Matt Clemson

      Two new rounds so far, and I’m somewhat amused that one is Basically Emogenius.

    2. Scott Rux

      I like the new round today. A good flex for question writers.
      “But what’s the question?”

      There are four answers to choose from: “Polar bear” “A tub of pork and beer” “Fiona Bruce” “1,500”
      Choose an answer, get three questions. For Fiona Bruce:
      “According to IMDB which BBC newsreader was credited as a co-writer on a 2003 episode of ‘Only Fools and Horses…’?”
      “What is the birth name of the rapper who performs under the stage name Ms Dynamite?”
      “Who was awarded the title Small Businesswoman of the Year 2003, and went on to become the MP of Congleton in 2010?”
      One of the three questions has the chosen answer as the correct response.
      Pick the correct question, get a point.
      Each contestant picks one of the four answers, so it’s a short-ish round.

      I’m enjoying the disparate questions for each choice.

  9. Brig Bother Post author

    Just a small thing, but I’ve added a + on the end of the headline, so people can post about future series here with impunity.

  10. James Turner

    That was an amazing performance this week by Angela Barnes. Utterly dominant every day.
    I got the impression that her opponents weren’t actually that bad, she was just that bit quicker than them all the time.

  11. Alex

    The week we’ve just had; possibly the best week I’ve ever watched in House of Games history.

    Mae, Nihal, Jake – all competitive
    Patsy – “at least I get paid”

    What are the thoughts then on Patsy’s mistreatment of the show and only playing rounds she had to?


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