We were *this close* to a Cyberdrome Crinkley Bottom

By | December 27, 2019

Here’s a fun thing that’s turned up over the Festive period, the guys who ran the original Cyberdrome Crystal Maze (the proto versions of the Crystal Maze Live Experience about 25 years before the Crystal Maze Live Experience) have dragged their original website out from the archives and it’s pretty interesting. Not least the prices (£2.50 per person at Southampton! Compare to £50 per person in 2019(*)) and the fact in the News section we almost got The Cyberdrome Crinkey Bottom, based on Noel’s House Party.

I’ve linked to this before, but here are some Americans exploring an abandoned Cyberdrome Crystal Maze set.

(*) Yes I’m aware that The Cyberdrome Crystal Maze is only an half hour experience compared to a 60-90 one, and a largely automated set-up compared to having an actual person go round with you to enhance the experience. Still, though.

5 thoughts on “We were *this close* to a Cyberdrome Crinkley Bottom

  1. Andy

    I half remember going to one of these as a child and being immensely disappointed with how the dome worked.

    But that’s about all I can remember. How did the games work? The explorers video seemed to suggest the rooms weren’t very big?

  2. Christopher McBride

    I have fond memories of visiting the Crystal Maze Cyberdrome in Blackpool (I think?) when I was 5 in the mid 90s. I was the only one in our family who ever won a Crystal – I won it in a game which involved going from one point in a room to another with poles hanging from the ceiling without touching any of them. I struggle to remember most of the other games, but each room was quite small if memory serves me well.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Not the freshest of news, but news to me; ITV are selling vouchers for their I’m A Celebrity Jungle Challenge Thynge in Manchester. Convert vouchers into tickets in the Spring, the attraction opens in the Autumn. Open to ages 8+. What’s included? Jungle ziplines yes, vertical climbing walls yes, parachute drops yes, unspecified jungle themed activites yes, eating challenges no, live animals and insects no. So it’s a fancy adventure playground, and fair enough.

    As the saying doesn’t go: 90 minutes, £15.

  4. David

    Don’t know if you need the dark arts, but Netflix released a YT special edit of the first US Circle ep (series starts New Year’s Day- 4 eps released then, then more eps each of the following 2 weeks). Looks like they didn’t change much except for the fact they taped the entire season in advance…



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