Shilling for THE MAN

By | February 21, 2020

I know, but this is worth advocating for I think.

Thanks to Gizmodo, we’ve learnt that Sky’s streaming service NowTV are doing a flash sale – £1 for a two month entertainment pass.

So if you’re looking for a cheap way to watch Comedy Central’s upcoming Gods of the Game starting March 9th, from the people behind Bother’s Bar favourite Wild Things, there’s your (and my) in. I don’t know how long this flash sale lasts for. Edit: Looks like March 1st.

Remember to cancel your pass before the two months is up or you’ll be charged £8.99 per month until you do (although perhaps you’ll be alright with that).

7 thoughts on “Shilling for THE MAN

    1. Jonathan

      Fun fact: Now TV’s retention deals can be quite good. You just tend to need to pay one month full price, and then the next month cancel… oh look, three months for a few quid. So if’s a thing you want to keep, it can work out quite cheap. All automated through the website, doesn’t seem to be a one-time only deal.

  1. Alex S

    I recommend Revolution that was on Sky One a year or two ago as well, I think that’s still on there.

  2. Tom Lancaster

    Saw the offer on another site and picked it up. Plenty to watch in two months. Certainly going for The Heist series 2, but any other recommendations are welcome.


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