5 thoughts on “A quite fun trailer for new Taskmaster

  1. Des Elmes

    Just confirmed by the Beeb that Sue, Matt and Phil are all leaving QoS:


    So is the long wait for a permanent female and/or BAME team captain almost over? I’ve previously suggested Nicola Adams (not sure whether this is less or more likely now that she’s doing Strictly); the folks on TV Forum are suggesting Alex Scott or Sam Quek.

    As for who will replace Sue, I guess Chappers will be the favourite as a result of his presenting the Radio 5 version. Dan Walker has previously been suggested on here, while those who think it should be another woman will be leaning towards Clare Balding or Gabby Logan.

    Whatever the new line-up is, I’d like to see it accompanied by changes to the format too, that take the show closer to its roots and make it less like a cheap They Think It’s All Over copy. Like ditching the Captains’ Challenges, for instance.

    1. Thomas Sales

      Maybe that’s why they ran the Radio 5 series? An extended audition process? I do know that filming for the current series began in March and so clear of Strictly. That said, Sam Quek was a team captain on Football Genius on ITV4 so it’s proven she can do the job.

    2. Matt Clemson

      Whenever I’ve seen Sam Quek as a guest she’s been excellent, she’d definitely be my pick – when she’s guested I got a distinct impression that she was playing an *active* role, which you want from a captain, while other guests will sometimes be a bit shyer and only play a reactive role; fine for a guest seat but wouldn’t work in the captaincy.

      I don’t think I’ve actually seen a QoS with Scott or Adams guesting, unfortunately, but I’ve seen Scott’s personality via Strictly and I’ll see Adams’ this year. If they are going for a male host (While I do agree that Mark Chapman does seem the obvious choice, I do think both the alternatives you suggest would be good as well.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    How does the business of making an elaborate trailer like the Taskmaster one work? Will it be made by Avalon, or are there specific companies who specialise in shorts for other people’s properties? Does Channel 4 pay for it directly, or does Channel 4 pay a sum to Avalon in return for (maybe x series of) x episodes plus y trailers and Avalon are free to decide how the money is split?

    1. David B

      My understanding is that promoting a show is completely on the side of the broadcaster. Creative companies who make adverts for physical products are more than capable of making these kinds of things.


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