Smiles everyone, smiles!

By | September 15, 2020

Last night I found myself watching Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island, a horror reimagining of the late seventies show. It manages to be a really fun idea that somehow manages to fail at being compelling (or even that horrific, by Blumhouse standards) for the entirety of its 110 minute runtime.

Anyway, I went down the rabbit hole afterwards and Youtube pretty much immediately shoved this in my face: an episode of the original featuring two TV gameshow hosts (of the ever popular The Great Game and I Bet A Million!) competing over a woman and trying to avoid the Door of Death. Bob Barclay is played by Gene Rayburn of Match Game fame. It’s quite good fun, even if the moral is a bit obvious.

I’m pretty sure there was a Fantasy Island careful-what-you-wish-for style reality show being floated around at some point.

In other news, sounds like ITV want more Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow. Fingers crossed for Epic Blockbusters!!!!

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