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By | September 23, 2020

Thanks to Luke S for alerting us to this in the comments, Netflix have a singing gameshow called Sing On, co-created by Friend Of The Bar Stuart Shawcross (they’ve actually got a couple of foreign language versions which have been on for a few weeks, but the English language one started recently). It’s Singstar meets Weakest Link effectively, six singers add money to a group pot by hitting notes correctly on some well chosen karaoke classics, for the first three rounds they each vote someone off (with immunity for the person who did the best), final rounds eliminate the voting and it’s solely decided by the computer judge, winner wins the pot (up to $60,000).

Being America, everyone basically goes straight for the throats of the competition from the off (which suggests the money needs rebalancing a bit), but it’s light and decently entertaining, lots of shouting and mugging to the camera effrevesence from host Titus Burgess, decent upbeat tune selection. Think I’d prefer a running cash total for the song as the notes are hit as the demo seems to suggest but there we are.

And just thirteen years after Ben Shephard/Denise Van Outen sung for SAM on Who Dares Sings.

2 thoughts on “Sing On!

  1. John R

    FOTB Stuart Shawcross should get on the blower to Channel 4 and tell them the world (aka me) is crying out for a revival of Five Minutes To A Fortune

    Got into a random discussion regarding it on TV Forum earlier today and happily found pretty much the entire series available on a popular daily video sharing website that isn’t a tube

    It did get me thinking whatever happens to props, e.g. A GIANT ENEMY CR…err HOURGLASS when a show never returns?

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    This afternoon I watched ITV2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club – seven celebs do karaoke, one song each as an individual, one as a duet (one person sings with a surprise celeb guest), after every round they vote for their fave and least fave on a machine, two with the most least fave votes at the end sing off and the other five celebs decide who has to leave, to get replaced by a new face next week. Winner of the final episode is the ultimate winner. There’s a bit of reality drunkeness and gossip between songs.

    It feels about twenty minutes too long (it’s a sixty minute format), but Scarlett Moffat going for it is a highlight, as is the guy from Ibiza Weekender singing Too Many Broken Hearts, only for Jason Donovan to turn up as a surprise duet guest and the bloke having no idea who he was (whilst the other celebs were going mad). Looks like celebs are voting on entertainment value rather than singing ability, which is fine by me.


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