Hi-score Hijinx

By | November 10, 2020

Not especially gameshow related (although we note Family Feud will be out on console on Thursday – we will try and do a video for it) but I’m lucky enough to have got an XBox Series X this afternoon, so here’s an occasional post on how you can find me for scoreboard fun if the fancy takes you:

Steam: Add me on Steam if you want.
XBox: We can be chums on XBox for high score fun if you’re that way inclined, where I am Brig Bother.
Playstation Network: I’m not currently on PSN, but if I come back BrigBother ought to do it, but this handy link should do it as well.
Switch: Code SW-2805-5403-1808

And hey! If you’re on XBox why not join Club Bother’s Bar? Sure, nobody’s posted anything in there for about two years, but still.

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  1. CeleChance

    From the Italian Strictly: The fall of Mussolini (actually, his granddaughter)


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