The Arbitrary Finals – Volume 2

By | November 9, 2020

To win a Bother’s Bar Game Night, it’s not enough to be best at the Jackbox suite of games played throughout the evening. No, to become ultimate champion you must convert the advantage of moral victory into actual victory in the evening’s Arbitrary Final. A game of my own devising, playable by eight people (usually). Some are pretty bloody good (I reckon everything from Elimination Wipeout onwards is strong (apart from the archery one), with particular mention going to Quizudo and Die Hard), the others are at least quite funny.

Anyway, it’s been ten episodes since volume one, so here’s volume two.

5 thoughts on “The Arbitrary Finals – Volume 2

  1. Greg

    The way the new chaser was introduced today as an mystery international chaser made it sounded to me like there was more than one? Can anybody confirm that?

      1. Brandon

        Presumably they would have to change some of the questions to be less UK specific, but then I suppose they didn’t do that for the Beast on the US version.

    1. David B

      Or maybe it’s just to make allowances for the fact the Darragh is from Ireland (i.e. not UK)…?


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