Alex Trebek

By | November 8, 2020

Extremely sad to hear Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He’ll always be best known for his many many years hosting Jeopardy! since 1984, but he has of course fronted a range of shows from the sublime to the ridiculous. My first recollection of him was hosting Classic Concentration which they used to show daily on UK satellite. Everybody else will be using Jeopardy! I suspect, so here’s a random episode of that.

4 thoughts on “Alex Trebek

  1. gyroscopes

    So so sad about this.

    Alex Trebek’s Classic Concentration is the best version by far for me.

    He was one of the all time greatest Game Show Hosts and I can’t begin to imagine Jeopardy without him.

    I will miss you, Alex.

  2. Josh Woo

    I had the great pleasure of appearing on Jeopardy! in 2003. Though our interaction was brief, Alex was every bit as gracious and kind (with just the right dose of dry wit) as you got on TV.

    Monday’s Jeopardy! is going to be very, very strange.

    1. Chris Lambert

      I just watched Friday’s episode today, and I can concur. But at the same time, I’m glad we get to spend 35 more evenings in his company.

      1. Mathew Palmieri

        its going to be a really really wierd and hard process deciding who is going to be the next host. no matter who they pick, their going to compare it to alex. i feel very sorry for the producers.


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