The House of Fun

By | December 5, 2020

Here’s something that should be good fun. Noel’s House Party very quickly rose to the top of the Saturday night light entertainment game (after a few years of practice with The Late Late Breakfast Show and the Saturday Roadshow), but rather had a lengthy fall from grace in the latter years of its life.

There is a tremendous documentary about it to be made someday. In the meantime, Highgrove Media on Youtube (who has uploaded all the House Party and Saturday Roadshow episodes in the past, as well as some gallery recordings) has put together a two hour look back with highlights and unseen footage and is likely well worth a look:

In other news, and I’m writing this here mainly so I don’t forget, Arthur’s new zombie themed Boyard-esque adventure gameshow District Z starts Friday on TF1 at 8:05pm UK/9:05 CET. It looks like it has quite the budget. Here’s the English language story. And also an English language pitch film.

3 thoughts on “The House of Fun

  1. David

    You don’t think TF1 might be taking a bit of a cheeky shot at Fort Boyard- “Screw your gold Boyard coins- we have gold bars”…..


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