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By | December 30, 2020

Happy New Year, we will have a Show Discussion post for Lingo on Friday 1st Jan and the Poll of the Year 2020 will open Saturday 2nd.

In the meantime we pointed out a little while ago that Amazon Prime Video UK have added Aussie Survivor season 3, soon after joined by seasons 4 and 5, but they’ve basically added loads of US reality games from that period where big fun stuff was coming out and took a bit of effort to watch, stuff like Wipeout, Beauty and the Geek (plus Aussie versions!), Fear Factor et al, fingers crossed for Solitary at some point and DOUBLE fingers crossed they’ll get the rights to all of US Survivor in the future as well.

12 thoughts on “My new Bezost Friend

  1. Des Elmes

    On the subject of the Poll of the Year, The Apprentice and The X Factor aren’t eligible for the Golden Five this year, right? (Not that many people had given them votes in recent years, of course.)

    Who Dares Wins isn’t eligible either, and nor is Cash Trapped. Nor, I believe, is The Circle.

    Eggheads I believe *is* eligible, as a few new episodes (possibly the last ones ever; the Beeb *still* aren’t saying whether or not they’ve cancelled it) went out in May and June. Again, though, it’s not as if it has received many votes in recent years.

    Catchphrase is eligible too, even if the only new eps to have aired this year have all been celeb eps.

    1. TheLupineOne

      It’s now been a year since Cash Trapped last aired; perhaps not deemed suitable viewing in a year of lockdown, perhaps?

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    I was just telling my friend about Solitary and then wondering if it was streaming anywhere.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Now we have entered the third decade of the 21st century, I propose a long-term, slow-running prediction game. Suggestions that I meant to do this at the start of the 2020s but forgot are irrelevant. Deadline for your guesses is the end of 7th January 2021, and the winners will be declared in early 2031.

    Which of these do you expect to have at least one UK series broadcast in 2030?

    1) A Question of Sport
    2) Countdown
    3) Have I Got News For You
    4) University Challenge
    5) Bargain Hunt
    6) I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
    7) Mastermind
    8) Eggheads
    9) QI
    10) Dragon’s Den
    11) Only Connect
    12) Pointless
    13) The Chase
    14) Family Fortunes
    15) The Price is Right

    16) Will Nick Gates still be posting to Bother’s Bar in 2030?

    Tie-breaker: how many entries will there be to the international stages (i.e. semi-finals plus direct entries to the final, or then-current counterpart) of the contest now known as the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2030?

    I had a long paragraph attempting to prejudge what sort of rules-lawyering and pedantry might be required to deal with issues of “broadcast”, “series”, “UK” and “UK series” in 2030, assuming any of those still exist by then, but in the end, I decided to delete it. For future reference, my intention was to accept anything reasonably analogous rather than relying on today’s definitions strictly.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        I was kind of hoping to leave that as an Easter Egg for those who worked it out, but I don’t think it’s necessarily definitive. It’s very tempting to imagine a reboot once the alphabet has been completed, quite possibly with Alan as host rather than as regular guest.

      2. Matt Clemson

        They should ruin all cataloguing forever by following Series Z with Series 1.

    1. David B

      Nice idea, but this would be much more relevant as an annual thing – a media version of The DeathList, if you will.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        You’re very probably right, and I invite you or someone else to run it from the end of 2021 onwards. For now, a decade-long game is what I’m after here… and more entries would be very welcome.


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