Poll of the Year 2020 – The Afterparty!

By | January 16, 2021

Sunday, 9pm,
Here and on Youtube

You voted in your hundreds (singular) and now it’s time to reveal the results of what everyone in TV is calling “the most important poll other than the TV Quick Awards” (*).

And here are the results! The full report is on ukgameshows.com and you should read that first, all the numbers will go under a cut.

(*) Well they’re not saying it, but they ARE thinking it.

Righty-ho then. Here is how each show that scored at least two votes did, the percentage reflects the amount of ballots a show turned up on.


Show% of ballots
Beat the Chasers72.9
The Masked Singer55.1
The Wheel46.6
Rolling In It32.2
First and Last28.8
Winning Combination27.1
Very Hard Questions15.3
Epic Gameshow14.4
Family Fortunes11.9
Blankety Blank7.6
The Bridge5.9
Gods of the Game4.2
Celebrity Murder Mystery3.4
Five Guys A Week3.4
Little Mix: The Search3.4
The Bidding Room3.4
The Million Pound Cube3.4
Corner Shop Cook Off2.5
Crazy Delicious2.5
Don’t Rock the Boat1.7
House of Games Night1.7


Show% of ballots
The Chop24.6
The Wheel22.0
The Bridge20.3
Very Hard Questions17.8
Winning Combination15.3
Little Mix: The Search14.4
Rolling In It12.7
Epic Gameshow11.9
First and Last11.0
Family Fortunes10.2
Celebrity Karaoke Club9.3
All Star Happy Hour5.9
Miranda’s Games With Showbiz Names5.9
The Masked Singer5.9
Blankety Blank5.1
Britain’s Best Parent5.1
Five Guys A Week4.2
Don’t Scream3.4
Don’t Unleash the Beast3.4
It Pays to Behave3.4
Beat the Chasers2.5
Crazy Delicious2.5
Don’t Rock the Boat2.5
The Bidding Room2.5
Celebrity Murder Mystery1.7
The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft1.7
Win the Wilderness1.7


Show% of ballots
Only Connect48.3
Richard Osman’s House of Games39.0
The Chase34.7
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?27.1
The Wall16.9
Tipping Point12.7
Beat the Chasers11.9
The Masked Singer11.9
Race Across the World10.2
The Million Pound Cube8.5
The Wheel7.6
I’m a Celeb5.9
The Crystal Maze5.9
The Hit List5.9
University Challenge5.9
The Great British Bake Off4.2
I’ll Get This3.4
5 Gold Rings2.5
Epic Gameshow2.5
Strictly Come Dancing2.5
Big Fat Quiz1.7
Family Fortunes1.7
In For A Penny1.7
Naked Attraction1.7
Rolling In It1.7
Supermarket Sweep1.7

Finally the NEW MEDIA FIVE – this will list absolutely everything for you to peruse and explore at your leisure.

Show% of ballots
Ash’s Quiz Night18.6
Ben’s Games Night13.6
Fingers on Buzzers11.0
No More Jockeys10.2
The Floor is Lava10.2
Dan’s Quiz5.1
Taskmaster Podcast5.1
Lag Nag’s Quiz on Twitch3.4
Schlag den Brig3.4
Escape the North2.5
Jimmy Carr’s Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown2.5
Plenty Questions2.5
Sing On2.5
The Big Flower Fight1.7
Too Hot To Handle1.7
Against the Stream0.8
All Things Quiz0.8
Arcade Pit0.8
Bother’s Bar’s Game Night0.8
Brain of Britain0.8
Fighting Talk0.8
Hit It!0.8
HQ Trivia0.8
It’s Only A Gameshow0.8
Love is Blind0.8
Me 1 vs Me 20.8
My Generation0.8
Mysterious Monsters0.8
Nailed It!0.8
Online Quiz League0.8
Quiz Omnium0.8
Reality TV Warriors0.8
The Bald and the Beautiful0.8
Thrown Controllers0.8
Tom Scott’s Money0.8
Under Consideration Extra0.8
Who Said That?0.8
World’s Toughest Race0.8
I Got That One0.8
The People’s Top Game Shows0.8
Real Life Geoguesser0.8
WiFi Wars0.8
Stu Goldsmith’s Infinite Sofa0.8
Radio 4 Quiz Podcast0.8
Incomporable Game Show Podcast0.8

Final results of the live polling during the broadcast:

Was 2020 better or worse than 2019 for game shows?

  • Better: 29%
  • The Same: 18%
  • Worse: 53%

Which channel/broadcaster has made the game shows you enjoy most?

  • ITV1-4: 40%
  • BBC2: 23%
  • BBC1: 19%
  • Channel 4: 7%

What is your preferred way of producers handling the COVID-19 situation regarding the filming of new TV quiz shows?

  • Use lots of perspex screens: 61%
  • Cast only within bubbles: 20%
  • Position people far apart: 15%
  • Don’t film at all: 5%

How should Sky have handled ‘The Chop’ (after a contestant’s tattoos were found to be connected to “far-right ideologies”)?

  • Stop showing it: 50%
  • Show it with major edits: 33%
  • Show it unedited, with disclaimers: 17%

What is your favoured ‘payout schedule’ for game shows?

  • Build cash then try to win it, all or nothing (e.g. The Chase): 36%
  • Rolling jackpot, with wins of various sizes (e.g. Pointless): 29%
  • Win a small amount with a chance of gambling (e.g. Tipping Point): 27$

From our shortlist, which show do you think has the best theme tune? (You can add your own suggestion.)

  • The Crystal Maze: 20%
  • Blockbusters: 15%
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire: 11%=
  • Interceptor: 11%=

If you could pay a small fee, say £5/month, that gave you access to game shows from other countries (e.g. Taskmaster NZ, or Jeopardy! in the US), would you sign up? Or would you continue to use internet links/VPN where available?

  • Sign-up and pay: 44%
  • Use free options: 56%

Further to the previous question, tell us a non-UK game show you think we should know about. [Give title, country & description in <10 words.]

  • Joker – France
  • Wie is De Mol – Netherlands – but you know about this already
  • Seo do Seans – an obscure gameshow shown on TG4 in the late 90s.
  • 25 Words or Less
  • Fort Boyard
  • Strike! (France) Bowling quiz where skittles = multiple choice answers
  • Holey Moley (USA and soon Australia) – Wipeout meets Full Swing
  • The Hustler! USA, a twist on the “one knows all the answers format” with such a lovely set and hosted by CRAIG FUCKING FERGUSON!
  • Jeopardy in the US
  • TV Slagalica (RTS Serbia) Countdown meets Trivia quiz on a small budget
  • District Z (France)
  • Taskmaster NZ. A bit more friendly, lighthearted and less competitive Taskmaster for 2020.
  • Le Tricheur, Quebec, quiz mole format
  • Holey Moley (USA, mini golf)
  • Holey Moley (comedy competitive mini golf with great hosts & bit humour)
  • Just seeing foreign versions of ‘our’ shows is interesting
  • No answer – I get my non-UK GS recommendations from you!
  • Pasapalabra, Spain and it’s a game show about letters and words
  • Running Man, Korea – “Variety”, but occasionally particularly gamey, running round TV studios and the like at night.
  • Denn Sie Wissen Nicht Was Passiert (They don’t know what’s going to happen) – Germany – Three legendary presenters. Nine games. Completely unrehearsed. Absolute chaos.
  • The Amazing Race (Everyone knows it, I know).
  • Что Где Когда (Russia, Rus Million Dollar Mind Game) or Brain Ring (Russia, Million Dollar Mind Game+University Challenge)

HIDDEN GEM AWARD – Which of the new minor shows do you think deserves special recognition?

  • Very Hard Questions (27%)
  • Celebrity Murder Mustery (24%)
  • The Bidding Ro9om (11%)
  • My Generation [radio], (7%)

3 thoughts on “Poll of the Year 2020 – The Afterparty!

  1. Alex McMillan

    Can’t wait to see if anyone nominated Fight Dirty for *anything*!

  2. John R

    Purely out of interest…would The Great House Giveaway count as a game show?

    I guess the format isn’t much, 2 strangers (unless they live in Wales seemingly) are given a choice of 3 run down houses to bid on, they then have a few months to refurbish one before either selling it or putting it back in auction and if they make any profit after the fees they keep it, if not the production company sucks up the loss


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