Treasure of a Mindlord

By | January 18, 2021

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s Poll of the Year, the live reveal was marvellous, and you can watch it all back with the live chat on Youtube.

I also need to update dates on Upcoming Things:

  • Sunday January 24th – Bother’s Bar’s Award Winning Game Night – I’m now interested in taking panellists, so if you want to be one get in touch.
  • Saturday January 30th – Royal Flush is doing an entire twelve hour marathon stream for charity. Details.
  • Saturday Feb 6th – The next Schlag den Star Watchalong!
  • Sunday Feb 21st – They said it wouldn’t happen. But they were wrong.

Two really exciting things came up yesterday pre-results show. The first is ten minutes of 1986 TSW adventure game Treasures of the Mindlord, a show I hadn’t seen since I was about five and really it’s way ahead of its time, like a proto Timebusters. Amazing theme, sounds Ed Welch-ish but don’t know. The only thing I could remember about it from my childhood was the bit with the computer representation of the contestant in the chair doing the quiz bit whilst getting attacked by martian molecules or whatever. Great stuff.

Finally, a pilot of Stars In Their Eyes with Chris Tarrant, this portends to be the sixth one so obviously I’d be fascinated to find out what the others were like. I had seen a clip of the contestant picking their clothes out previously, but this is the first time the entire episode has been viewable I gather.

7 thoughts on “Treasure of a Mindlord

  1. Brandon

    I know the Stars in their Eyes pilot was being passed around years ago before it seemingly disappeared, good thing it resurfaced.

  2. Ryan

    Hi Brig- would love to be a panelist for Game Night if there’s an opening! Thanks! Ryan

  3. Jon

    With that Stars In Their Eyes pilot, at least some of the clips that of the other finalists appear to be the original Dutch version . But some seem to have been recorded on same set. I doubt very much that they made a whole series of pilots.

  4. Andrew, the Yank

    As ever, happy to join game night, happy to let others (especially any who haven’t had the chance! I’ve had plenty).


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