Just one away from a Connecting Wall connection

By | January 21, 2021

We’ve had Pointless answers. We’ve had Impossible (read: implausible) answers. And soon we’ll be having Unbeatable answers. Edit: And of course we have Tenable answers! Thanks Alex.

Some quality press release quotage under the link. Anyway, we basically hope they just nick the theme from Impossible and overlay Unbeatable over it.

Sounds like quizzy Top Trumps, but I don’t know. Edit: the BBC contestant call-out makes it sound a bit like poker.

9 thoughts on “Just one away from a Connecting Wall connection

  1. Chris B

    Interestingly after the announcement of this on twitter last night, Jason Manford suggests another series of First and Last is likely to happen once lockdown/covid is more manageable. Didn’t seem like he was joking but you never know…!

  2. David

    It does sound like poker to an extent….probably questions with multiple answers that can be ranked in some way or another and players have to pick an answer or answers that tops the other players?

  3. Mart With An Y Not An I

    To take part you click on a link on the BBC website, which takes you to a page on the ITV website…
    Welcome to the modern media world we live in!

    It also says on the BBC Press Office release that the commssion from ‘daytime and early peak’ is for 50×45 min programmes. A longer than usual 5.15pm holiday cover for Pointless?


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