It’s time to vote off… THE WEAKEST VOWEL

By | February 15, 2021

Anne Robinson’s the new permanent host of Countdown.

When Nick Hewer took over we thought “that is an interesting piece of stunt casting” – he went on to host it for almost a decade and is now retiring at 77. Clearly this is also an interesting piece of stunt casting, we’d be lying if we said this didn’t grab our attention and are quite intrigued by the prospect, but she’s only six months younger than Hewer so this can’t be a long term thing, surely?

5 thoughts on “It’s time to vote off… THE WEAKEST VOWEL

  1. Brett Linforth

    “Who thinks a conundrum is a musical instrument?”, “Who thinks a vowel is what gets exchanged at weddings?”, “Who thinks the dictionary was written by a zebra?”

  2. Andy

    I’m FASCINATED by this.

    Is Anne Robinson popular? I honestly think she might be a turn off for a few people? But are people who watch Countdown more interested in the game than the personalities?

    The dynamic with Rachel will be interesting.

    1. Matt Clemson

      I suspect the tone will be very much Points Of View Anne Robinson more than it will be Weakest Link Anne Robinson

      1. Oliver R

        Or even Watchdog Anne Robinson: “Countdown – the quiz you CANNOT afford to miss!”


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