Dis, Dat or D’other

By | February 16, 2021

Channel 4 press release for The Answer Trap, a new daytime quiz hosted by Anita Rani where teams try and place items in one of two lists, except some of the items have been dreamt up by THE DEVIOUS Bobby Seagull and Frank Paul competing against each other to trick the players and don’t fit into either.

Might be quite fun, actually.

5 thoughts on “Dis, Dat or D’other

  1. David

    Manged to watch some of Vox’s Die Rote Kugel- it’s Okayish..

    -Two people play as a team.

    -They play up to 10 questions; each is worth increasing value (1k,2k,3k,4k,5k,10k,12.5k,15k,17.5k,30k- max is 100k)

    -Each question is visual- for example, one question shows Elizabeth Tower without the clock face, they have to pick the correct clock face style from a set of 4, another shows the La La Land movie poster and they have to figure out what color Emma Stone’s dress was.

    -if they get the question right, they get the money from the question and a ball, which drops from a tower and rolls down a track to an area behind the contestants.

    -they can then decide to use the balls they’ve accumulated to try and bank the money won- they must roll the ball into a hole at the end of the alley (and the contestant/host desk moves back after each question making it a longer shot)- if successful the money is then locked in, and they can do this multiple times.

    -if they get the question wrong, they don’t get the money or the ball, and have to use any balls they have to try and make a shot to stay in the game.

    1. David

      One thing I can say is that is slow…they had a 2 hour ep and they got through about 15 questions. No audience either- they use cardboard cutouts instead. Stream I found kept going in and out so I might have missed a thing or two but I think you get the idea.

      It’s about a 7-7.5 ish to me- the game rules seem good overall, and it might work in the UK perhaps, but the pace would have to be much faster. They said 4 episodes scheduled from what I managed to find out about it.

  2. Gyroscopes

    Just watched this myself after looking forward to it, and I quite enjoyed it.

    The set is quite fun, with the contestants and hosts seating being a moving set piece that moves up and down the bowling lane.

    The visual questions were quite fun – and its nice being able to see the different options in place
    e.g. you can drag in the four different dog types to the picture of the queen to see how they fit, or put the different toppings on the cake to see how each option looks.

    Quite slow moving, but thats very typical of german tv, and they’re much better at filling the gaps with decent chit chat unlike some of the brain numbing conversations you get on british tv! I’ll definitely watch again, and I think it did quite well for VOX, nothing mindblowing in the ratings but above the US dramas they’ve been showing.

    1. Gyroscopes

      I’m of course referring to ‘The Rote Kugel’ – thought I’d replied to David’s post, but evidently not!


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