Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Bullseye on Switch

By | June 17, 2021

This was a surprise video, we only learnt of the game’s existence the other day and it only came out this afternoon. I do feel however that I’ve played enough to determine whether it’s worth your hard earned £12.99 though.

As ever, I show you a game and then you can decide for yourself. Do stick around to the end for an old-school Bother’s Bar reference.

7 thoughts on “Bother’s Bar Plays Badly: Bullseye on Switch

  1. Setsunael

    And i’d thought our own french-Mindscape was the king of shovelware. Impressive.

    Speaking of french things – there’s quite a lot of shakeup for France 2’s lineup next september. The big one being Nagui stepping down of TLMVPSP after more than 5000 episodes aired and 15 years of service – due to a lack of motivation and conflict with the format owner, not willing to make any changes to the format. Laurence Boccolini will take the hosting duties, losing her Mot de Passe in the process. She is also planned to host a French version of The 1% Club, discussed some days before here.

    Also another revolution : long-standing Les Z’Amours (Newlywed Game) – on air since 25 years in the timeslot right before TLMVPSP – will also be axed in september in favor of a daily run of Avanti un Altro! No more details about the proceedings as of now (i’ll suspect it won’t be as zany as the Italian ver.) but one detail already slipped : instead of the traditional carousel, it’ll be using a bagatelle game. An interesting choice.

      1. Setsunael

        Yup – there was a pilot with Christophe Dechavanne, originally planned for TF1 (which would have been quite a good fit for something similar to the original version).

        France Televisions is trying to save costs on licensing fees for their shows, by running pilots for French-made games (Nagui aired two episodes of Le Club Des Invincibles in the Saturday primetime slot those last two weeks – nothing stellar, celebs battle each other in a general knowledge quiz in order to try challenge the Club, composed of some of the biggest champs from TLMVPSP/12 Coups/Questions… /etc for charities). Seems Banijay gave them a good deal – there will be also an all-new french format on saturdays of general knowledge but about “common mistakes”.

    1. Brandon

      I’ve wondered before why there wasn’t a French version of AuA, it just feels like it would work better there than anywhere else in the world, excited to see this.
      Laurence Boccolini had hosted Money Drop and Weakest Link, and interestingly for The 1% Quiz (as it’s now known) she hosted Everybody’s Equal in the 90s, after Nagui.

  2. Mr Babbage

    Just noticed with the Bullseye Switch game, it clearly brings a render of the Epic Boards of Bully into play at one stage (unless they’re meant to be the contestant podiums from the Dave Spikey era). Also, that doesn’t sound like Richard Ashdown either, listening a bit closer to the callouts. I wondered if for a second they designed it more like Epic Gameshow and were overruled, hence that appalling audio edit in the gamble.

      1. Mr Babbage

        I think you’re right, looking again.Just seems a strange design, all things considered


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