Some new shows coming to the BBC

By | June 22, 2021

After a tendering process, 30 shows were whittled down to just two, Bridge of Lies and The Tournament.

Bridge of Lies is most interesting to me here (The Tournament is screaming chess clock quiz at me, but I’ve got nothing to go on than that) as it sounds like a reimagining of STV’s (and TV3’s in Ireland) very own Bother’s Bar sort-of favourite The Lie with Susan Calman, although this sounds like it’s going to have a bit more physicality, from Broadcast: “In Catchphrase producer STV Studios’ The Bridge of Lies, teams of contestants compete for cash by crossing a bridge made up of stepping-stones across the studio floor. Each stepping-stone has a different option, and the players must try to get from A to B by stepping on the truths and avoiding the lies in order to cross safely, or risk falling off the bridge and out of the game.”

This is really poor quality but it’s the best I can find. It’s the Irish version:

There was also a French pilot made with Nagui with an actual inverted pyramid stage which looked like a health and safety nightmare.

Anyway it might not be anything like that, but it does give us something to post so that’s nice.

5 thoughts on “Some new shows coming to the BBC

  1. CeleChance

    A bit of old television from Italy: the ending of the Remote Control finale.
    the pillory was used in the bonus round: answer some questions to win money or get a pie in the face! (I presume the contestant has won)

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        I have a suspicion that Rick Adams (who has been out of the UK media eye for so long that you’ve got to be pretty old-school to even remember the name) looks at Paolo Bonolis to see what he’ll look like in ten years’ time.

  2. A Nonny Mouse

    The Lie was also made for S4C in a welsh language version entitled “Celwydd Noeth”.

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    It was indeed, I was going to use a video of it as a demonstration but the only one I could find was a similar streaming service rip, so may as well use an English one.


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