The Wheel and That

By | August 24, 2021

Mickey McIntyre, as nobody calls him, has been lined up for US Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel on NBC which seems fair enough, but it remains difficult to work out how they’re going to edit sixty minutes of Celebrity Quiz Arsing About down to forty and keep the fun bits in, in a six-act structure. All the suggestions I’ve seen so far (fewer celebs! Just one question per category!) I basically hate, maybe I just don’t like change now I’m old, we’ll see. Light Entertainment rarely travels, it rarely even works here these days, so it will be interesting to see how it does.

Taskmaster is recording WITH AN AUDIENCE 16th-22nd September at Pinewood. This presumably is the series after the next one which is starting soon. It also suggests they’re being made further in advance of broadcast which I’m not sure is entirely a good thing, it’s a long time to keep a bunch of names secret at least. Tickets SRO anyway.

Also filming end of September with tickets SRO the much anticipated/ill-fated Moneyball at MediaCity.

Also good luck for Sitting On A Fortune filming from today, I’ve been furnished with details, to be honest it sounds a bit more like that “stay out of the red” bit from The National Lottery Jet Set than Millionaire Hot Seat, so we’ll see.

Edit: Literally seconds after posting:

3 thoughts on “The Wheel and That

  1. George G

    I suspect that instead of seeing the 20 options at once, One Question will involve the pair being given one answer and then having 19 opportunities to swap it, with a dramatic reveal inbetween of whether they have rejected the correct answer and if they have the game just ending. Although the quote from Claudia in the press release makes it sound like I’m on the wrong track entirely.

  2. Whoknows

    I’d be absolutely amazed if One Question is anything other than awful. Sounds like it has great potential to be a dragged out mess.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Yep, it’s not exactly filling me with confidence, especially if it’s one question throughout the entire show.


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