What a pity he’s 82

By | September 10, 2021

Watched the C4 Black to Front Countdown special today hosted by Sir Trevor MacDonald and he was brilliant at it, like he’d been doing it for years. In fact he’s one of those names where you wonder if he’d ever been in the running before because you think about it as an idea and it takes no time at all to come to the conclusion “yeah that sounds right.” He’d probably have made a brilliant full time host for it around a decade ago, but seeing as we had a question mark over Anne Robinson taking the job at 76 this would be an even more difficult square to circle. You wouldn’t think it by watching though.

I cannot claim to be a Countdown aficionado but found this to be an extremely fun episode, with some great solves by Dr Anne-Marie Imafridon on numbers games that looked like they should have been easy but aren’t.

One thought on “What a pity he’s 82

  1. Brekkie

    Really was fantastic and shows what a competent enthusiastic presenter can bring to it. He made it look effortless with no hesitation and if you didn’t know better you’d think he had been presenting it for the last decade.


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