Go on then, who should be the new GamesMaster?

By | September 15, 2021

It’s happening, I suspect it will be a car crash, but who should be the new GamesMaster? And who should host? And has anyone watched any of the Top Gear Gaming Show?

In other news, join us in the Discord on Saturday for what’s likely to be the penultimate Schlag den Star of the year, from 7:15(UK)/8:15(Central Europe).

8 thoughts on “Go on then, who should be the new GamesMaster?

  1. James W

    Not sure if it’s the same thing, but Top Gear have announced a deal whereby some new topdown racing game has the Dunsfold track on it, and celebrity drivers will play it.

    I did think it would be fun to bring Dominik back as an ultra arch “You younguns know nothing” type, but it’s fair to say he’s firmly refusing to be involved, which means it’ll be some ‘cult’ old actor. Back in the day, they’d thought about Nicholas Parsons before Patrick, so if we’re keeping that up I have a vision of Gyles Brandreth turning up. Let’s not be in any doubt though, it’ll be Banzuke Brian Blessed all over again.

      1. Jonathan

        Feels very much ‘Facebook Watch commissioning things from mainstream brands’. I also keep getting ads on Facebook for a Top Gear-based-dating-show-with-The-Stig thing. So I presume BBC Studios have got a bunch of cash to make some branded stuff, and so being paid is the success…?

        If you’re doing a gaming show and it’s just on Facebook, you’re not going for big numbers surely so I’d guess it’s because you got paid by them? It’s made by enough smart people in gaming who know where the audience is more likely to be I’d have guessed.

        I saw the first episode – I enjoyed it, but not essential enough for me to seek it out weekly, and when it’s out the way of where I watch stuff online…

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          This is part of the GamesMaster intrigue, I think, it’s going to be on Facebook first and foremost (with an E4 airing after) and will apparently be going big on the Oculus Rift, so it already looks a bit like a Facebook puff piece.

          You’d think there’d be some value on putting on the Red Button under BBC3 or something.

  2. Brian

    It may likely be a gaming streamer like Seán William McLoughlin (aka Jacksepticeye)

  3. Chris M Dickson

    The straight-bat answer would be Johnny Ball, probably still fondly remembered by people who watched the show first time round. I’m hoping for something more left-field like Rustie Lee.

    What odds Dexter Fletcher, just as a f-you?


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