Oh no, I fear another Plays Badly

By | October 12, 2021
Don’t be fooled by the box art, there’s an English release as well.

Bad timing! If it wasn’t for Jackbox 8 coming out the same day (Thursday) and that I’ve a Game Night to prepare for this Sunday, I rather suspect there’d be a video for the upcoming Koh-Lanta game published – of course! – by Microids.

It’s coming out on all the big systems – XBox, PS4, Switch and promises “over 10 challenging trials directly inspired from the TV show and over 10 survival mini-games to live the ”real” Koh-Lanta experience”. It’s French Survivor.

Luckily! I’m off work next week petsitting, which seems like as good an opportunity as any to make a video, so hopefully you can wait until then.

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