It’s like Squid Game but with cakes

By | October 17, 2021

I’ve just watched the first episode of Baking Impossible on Netflix and it was quite good – kind of like Scrapheap Challenge but with cake. Nine teams of “bakeneers” (one’s a baker, one’s an engineer, the first time they meet each other is on set) are charged with engineering mission they have to bake their way around – the first one involves building a boat that could cross a 20ft “sea” whilst being buffeted by light wind from some fans within a 45 second time limit. The resident panel of judges, led by Andrew the engineering one off of Bake Off a few years ago, judge the teams on engineering, whether the cake it was carrying was any good and “bakeneering”.

My one issue I think is that surely judging a cake (which got no screen time at all in the making bit) that’s being carried across is a cop out – they should be tasting the boat, surely? Otherwise it’s standard episodic elimination, but with the mission winners getting an advantage for the next mission. It’s quite fun – magician Justin Willman is a decent host. Worth a watch.

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