Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 24: Champion of Champions

By | October 17, 2021

Tonight, 8pm – 10:30ish
Here and on Youtube

It’s that time of year again! A new Jackbox Party Pack has been released, and the prize for winning a Game Night is first dibs on the new games. Join us from 8pm as all the previous champions from the year (except for one who’s going to be at the World Minigolf Championships) compete for the ultimate accolade: Champion of Champions.

We’ll also be joined by some super special guests I’ve invited to fill up the numbers, as Team Audience has had a great year. And as ever Team Audience will be competing tonight to ruin the hopes and dreams of our panel, so get your phones and tablets ready. It’s like real life Squid Game!

One winner will get to see the light in the Arbitrary Final from around 10pm, where anything can and might happen! You won’t want to miss it!

One thought on “Bother’s Bar’s Game Night 24: Champion of Champions

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Really strong pack actually – was a bit worried for some of it, Wheel felt a bit off from previews, is Weapon’s Drawn too complex? But actually we laughed our way through all of it – Job Job is a highlight, Quiplash can be difficult with just a blank canvas, but having the limitation of words in front of you leads to quite fun ways of expressing things. Also thought The Poll Mine much more entertaining than I anticipated.

    Arbitrary Final! Some of you spotted it already – yes it’s Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo adapted for a quiz. I suspect it might have worked a lot better if I picked easier questions, the hit rate was a fair bit lower than I anticipated. I wondered for a while what the possibility of a King of the Hill quiz format would possibly be like – that of one person earning points all the time they’re in a privileged position whilst everyone else tries to take that position but everybody risking losing it all with bad timing. Think I might try it again with a) easier questions and b) outside of the Arbitrary Final format. There’s a point towards the end where I can hear David straining to make a decision once he realised what the game was, which is entirely the sort of pain you want.

    Until about two hours before it was actually going to be more complicated – you’d have to buy the power to use the dice before each question otherwise you’d just do a standard single point of damage/recovery, the price of which was going to go up after each knockout. Glad I dropped that bit though.


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