A breakdown of the first episode of Netflix’s Bullshit

By | April 28, 2022


  • 40% Howie Mandel going “OMG we’re playing Bullshit I just can’t believe this isn’t it incredible?”
  • 40% people going “well he looked up and to the right so he’s clearly lying.”
  • 20% Fibbage-esque trivia quiz.

I mean, it’s basically fine – it looks like a gameshow, it hits the same beats of a gameshow, but it’s unmemorable from a presentation and game point of view, it lacks any sort of unique voice that means you might deliberately seek it out.

It’s basically Celebrity Squares without the jokes. The hotseat player has to answer multiple choice questions, and after secretly discovering if they’re right or wrong justify their answer to a panel of three others who must each decide whether you’re telling the truth or bullshitting. The hotseat player succeeds if they either got the question right, in which case it’s largely irrelevant what the panel thought (except for the panel, as the person who correctly ascertains whether the hotseat player is right or wrong thoughout the best becomes the next hotseat player – determined as a percentage rather than a straight points score because American), or if they convince at least one of the panel thought they were telling the truth. Each question the Hotseat player survives takes them up the money ladder, where if they’re especially lucky they’ll get the chance to gamble the best part of $750k for $1m.

I don’t mind the answer justifications so much, but what slows the game down is the justifying the agree/disagree response angle – sometimes all three will talk through their decision and I really couldn’t care less.

There’s probably a decent 80s daytime celebrity panel game in it, as it is I’m not sure who’s going out of their way to watch it.

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