It’s Schlag Saturday

By | April 29, 2022

Bored on Saturday night? Join us on the Discord from 7:15pm UK as we’ll be following two German celebs playing 15 mystery games vying to win €100,000 on ProSieben’s LIVE Schlag den Star.

This episode, actor Frederick Lau vs rapper Materia, who unusually will be competing and also will be one of the musical acts alongside Die Toten Hosen.

Unless someone gets COVID again last minute. Like the last two episodes.

One thought on “It’s Schlag Saturday

  1. Brekkie

    Enjoyed Richard Hamond’s Crazy Contraptions on C4. An entertaining hour with a little bit of science in there too.

    Kind of Scrapheap Challenge-esque. Basically two teams compete to create a contraption to do a simple task – this week making your bed whilst in the bath. The contraptions take the form of “Chain Reactions” (I get the impression that was the name of the show at time of filming) where you use a series of every day objects hitting each other to perform a simple task. In this case it is across three rooms, with each rooms contraption built in a day and tested at the end of it.

    Really watchable – easy to follow. Plenty in their for those into the engineering and science side, plenty in there for those who just like the Youtube vids. Takes a tournament format of four heats, two semi finals and a final.


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