Things to do over the long weekend

By | June 1, 2022

It’s all very well for you proles, some of us are WORKING.

  • It’s The Queen’s Jubilee! Happy Jubilee The Queen.
  • The Floor is Lava series two “hits” Netflix on Friday.
  • It’s the 24 Hour Gameshow Marathon for Child’s Play! Join Bob, Christian, Cory, hopefully some decent microphones and special guests from Saturday 5pm UK and the following day. Some pretty interesting show selections throughout all told.
  • It’s also Schlag den Star on Saturday night from 7:15pm UK, we’ll be watching it in the Discord so come along if you want.

Phew, all told.

4 thoughts on “Things to do over the long weekend

  1. Des Elmes

    Seventeen years ago today, Channel 4 aired Our Survey Says: The Ultimate Game Show Moments – which, needless to say, will never be aired again unless there’s a way to seamlessly cut out Stuart Hall:

    Having watched it several times now… am I the only one who thinks “wow, it’s *that* blokey”?

    Iain Lee on narration duties; the talking heads including Bob Mills, Justin Lee Collins, Ian Hyland, Paul Tonkinson and Melinda Messenger; Bullseye being shamelessly declared the greatest game show of all time… and a not-insignificant amount of time dedicated to Flipper Forrester and her boobs (she also wore a low-cut top and cheerfully talked about the sizes and pulling power of choppers, so she was quite happy to go along with it all).

    Obviously, blokes did not make up the entire target audience – what with Bob Johnson’s family discussing The Turkey Incident, and Daphne Fowler talking about her Sale of the Century experience. But of all the game show docs I’ve seen over the years, this one has the biggest bloke factor by far.

    Or could it be that I’m completely overthinking it? Our own David B was among the talking heads as well – perhaps he knows to what extent it was aimed at blokes, if at all… 😉

    1. Des Elmes

      The Krypton Factor segment also featured audio from one piece of footage being pasted over another piece of footage.

      At the start of the 1977 Intelligence test Gordon said, “Well, this would be a really tough test if you knew what you were building – but the finalists haven’t been given any clues at all, which makes it incredibly difficult for them.”

      Except he didn’t – he actually said this fourteen years later, at the start of the 1991 Grand Final’s test:

      Not as blatant as making it so that Bob Johnson also answered “turkey” to “any famous snooker player” when in actual fact he didn’t – but, of course, it’s noticeable when you’ve seen this doc and that particular KF ’91 episode enough times.

      Safe to say, such editing would raise more eyebrows now than it would have in 2005. And if this doc *was* aimed at blokes to a significant extent, there was even less chance that a lot of eyebrows would have been raised (no stereotyping intended, of course).


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