Trapped somewhere in a desert

By | July 18, 2022

I hope you’re all enjoying HEATAGEDDON, you might be interested to note that Challenge TV (it will always be Challenge TV, even though it’s just been called Challenge for the best part of 20 years) is repeating Britain’s Favourite Strategic Quiz Cash Trapped weekdaily from 6pm tonight.

As it’s hot it’s time for our almost annual visit to the Desert Forges, or the Quebecioise Les Forges du Desert today, probably the most successful version of the format in that it got not one but TWO series. At least it’s much easier to empathise with doing stuff in those temperatures, although the heat in the desert would at least be dry so in many ways they’re better off.

4 thoughts on “Trapped somewhere in a desert

  1. Brett Linforth

    I give it until the end of the week before they fill that slot with YET MORE of The Chase! To quote Marcus Brigstocke, I don’t want to sound cynical and pessimistic but I am so that’s how it comes across!

    1. Des Elmes

      Tenable seems to have done alright for them though.

      And that’s me being optimistic. 😉

    1. Brett Linforth

      I wondered that too but I think it’s because there was a question relating to Caroline Flack hosting Love Island in part two. It’s a guess but I notice that there were no similar announcements prior to parts three and four.


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