Beach Clash

By | July 19, 2022

Day two of what the nation is calling Hot Week At Bother’s Bar that we’ve just decided is A Thing, and thanks to Holger for bringing this up on the Discord yesterday, one of many American Gladiators knock-offs that were popular in US syndication in the early to mid-90s (to make, it sounds like nobody actually watched half of them), this one’s set on a Californian beach (and nails that aesthetic to be fair) and has a pretty great theme tune featuring a bit of Eurodance and a warbling woman (“Beach Claaaaash!”) you just don’t get nowadays.

The Glads in this case are called the Hardbodies, and it’s different to Glads in that a) they team up with the regular contestants and b) get a much easier ride than the regular contestants. The games start off mildly Run-the-Gauntlety but aren’t all that great really (and in the case of the jetski races completely unfollowable), becoming a bit sub-It’s a Knockout but they are at least quite quick. Here’s the first part of an episode (it cold opens into a game, don’t worry you haven’t missed the theme), the rest should be simple to find.

2 thoughts on “Beach Clash

  1. Mark A

    This is basically what Get Wet would be if it was made for adults. They even share a similar naming convention for the teams!


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