Superstar American Gladiators

By | July 20, 2022

I know the heatwave is sort of finished, but HEAT WEEK continues on Bother’s Bar, even if today’s entry is more “Summer special” than anything.

Anyway in trying to come up with Beach Clash, Superstar American Gladiators was suggested. Now, quite famously, the events the American Glads compete in are “confrontational, exciting and fast paced, action oriented, visually interesting, and capable of producing emotional moments.” In Superstar American Gladiators, there are highlights of a game of Twister and one event is so dull (and yet so unbalancing) it’s edited down to about fifteen seconds per team.

Basically it’s a Summer special with a curious Battle of the Network Stars element and the only real connection to American Glads is that each team of celebs you’ve not heard of (and Mario Lopez) is coached by a Gladiator and it’s got the referee. There is some genuine athleticism in the Eliminator to be fair, although there is also finding a ball amongst 3,000 balloons.

If you’d prefer to watch the real thing, I’ve been alerted that the official American Gladiators Youtube channel has very recently started posting full episodes again.

5 thoughts on “Superstar American Gladiators

  1. David

    “celebs you’ve not heard of (and Mario Lopez)”

    Announcer for 1 1/2 runs of Hollywood Squares Shadoe Stevens would like a word with you.

    Seriously, though, as someone who was watching American TV when this came on, that’s decent star power from three of the four networks. Fox had one misfire with Jensen Dagett’s show flopping, but the rest are regulars from successful shows by their networks’ respective standards. NBC, on the other hand… Marsha Warfield was still better known for Night Court and Empty Nest was way past its prime by this point, Saved by the Bell had been off the air for three years, and Family Ties had been off the air for six, and the fourth member of the team is a soap star.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I am wracking my brains trying to work out where I’ve seen Marsha before, I don’t think Night Court or Empty Nest were shown over here, so presumably as a guest on something else.

        1. David

          Also a stand-up before, during, and after her TV acting career


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