It’s a clip from Body Heat

By | July 21, 2022

Day Four of Bloody Hell It’s Hot Week on Bother’s Bar and it’s both overwhelming and underwhelming. Overwhelming because we don’t think we’ve seen anything more of it on the internet, underwhelming because it’s only a few seconds. Still though.

Body Heat was a mildly popular (three series) physical ability entertainment show on ITV in the 90s hosted by Mike Smith alongside Jeremy Guscott (who went on to host Gladiators) and Sally Gunnell, rounds were basically being best at stuff you did at the gym, as well as an outside broadcast action round, a fitness related quiz, edited highlights of a bleep test (I’m still pitching Million Dollar Bleep Test – execs call me) which could be surprisingly engaging and finally the bleepy bloopy Batak Wall, except you had to do a load of stuff to knacker you out first against the clock (this was great actually, I’m surprised more shows haven’t done “you need to do X to score points, but you have to do Y before you can get to X” as a mechanic).

Anyway here’s six seconds of it.

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