Perhaps this is the show Rise and Fall could have been

By | September 20, 2023

Studio Lambert are “doing” Surviving Paradise on Netflix coming October 20th. In it, 12 people think they’re on a luxury holiday but oh no! They’re not and have to earn their way into the luxury villa and the chance at a $100,000 prize. Also the trailer suggests there’s a bit that’s a bit like Carrot In A Box.

Of exciting streaming note in the next week the world’s first VR gameshow in the world ever (not my words, don’t write in), Virtually Impossible, on Joe Sugg’s channel on Youtube from Sunday 24th and more excitingly The Devil’s Plan from Tuesday 26th on Netflix, we’ll almost certainly be doing episodic chat of this in the Discord.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps this is the show Rise and Fall could have been

  1. Aaron

    Also of exciting streaming note – I (an American) just checked my US Amazon Video box, and eight episodes of Amazon Takeshi’s Castle in Japanese with English subtitles are available, a week ahead of the date you gave (September 27).

    No sign of Rom And Tom. Maybe if\when the Hollywood strike ends, we can talk about MXC coming back.


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