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By | December 12, 2023

Oooohhhhh this is interesting, going forward Netflix will be releasing stats twice a year for all shows that have been watched 50,000 hours or more and the first tranche, representing January – June 2023 can be found here.

Suddenly I have completely forgotten what shows are on Netflix and when they released, but some numbers that caught my eye:

Physical 100, released 24/1/23 – 235.0m hours
Siren: Survive the Island, released 30/5/23 (so only one month’s ratings) – 11.7m
Cheat Season 1, released 1/3/23 – 6.5m
Too Hot to Handle Germany Season 1, released 28/2/23 – 40.2m
Too Hot to Handle Season 4, released 7/12/22 – 42.6m
Love is Blind Series 4, released 24/3/23 – 229.7m
Nailed It Season 7, released 5/10/22 – 5.1m
The Mole, released 7/10/2022 – 24.0m
Dance 100 Season 1, released 17/3/23 – 16.6m
Squid Game Season 1, released 17/9/21 – 87.2m

Thinking Cheat wouldn’t do especially well is mainly right with a caveat – it’s just inside the Top 3,000 for the period, but that’s out of 18,000 items total (and that’s the stuff that made 50k hours plus). It’s clear to see what sort of content draws the big numbers though, and it’s not that – in actual fact it’s the lowest performer of any Netflix original added that week bar one, and something doesn’t open lower worldwide until Agent Elvis over a fortnight later. The Mole has done well quite given that you’d assume its peak period would be the three months before it would count in this chart, and that it is a fairly poor version of The Mole.

Anything else catch your eye?

One thought on “Netflix Stats and Chill

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    If you’re pondering The Devil’s Plan (which has already been recomissioned) it won’t be here as it didn’t come out until Sept/Oct. What we *do* know, from the two weeks it spent in the non-English Top 10, as that it’s done *at least* 24.7m hours, almost certainly 30m+ with the third week, we’ll find out how much of a long tail it had in June, presumably. That’d sit pretty comfortably in Netflix’s second-tier of reality, I suspect.


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