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By | January 16, 2024

Sure, it’s UK viewership could do with finding a Daily Double but I don’t doubt this might be of interest to some of you – Jeopardy Radio, it’s literally episodes of Jeopardy in audio form as an internet radio station. It’s also playing out off-camera qualifying rounds for an upcoming US tournament. I found it quite annoying to listen to and not really be able to follow the game, and slightly too full-on to fall asleep to, but if you want a steady stream of audio trivia, knock yourselves out. I don’t know how long it’s been running.

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  1. Andrew Sullivan

    Once again, didn’t know where to put this and didn’t want to clog up a Show Discussion thread about it, but I have a run-through of another US game show called The Floor, hosted by Rob Lowe.

    81 people take their places on a 9×9 video floor and will be playing across the entire season of the show. Each of these people has brought with them a category (examples from the first episode were Veggies, Dogs and Popular Books) and one is chosen via a randomiser. The chosen player then picks a neighbour to challenge from around them, but only those directly touching their square along an edge, no diagonals, which has to suck if one of the 4 corner players get picked as they’ll only have 2 people to pick from to challenge, 3 if you’re on the edge of the floor. The 2 players then take their places at a podium at the front of the stage, with the challenged player’s category being contested. Each player is spotted 45 seconds and take it in turns, chess clock-style, to either identify pictures or fill in blanks in text. A player can pass to move on to another question, but it costs them 3 seconds of their time to do so. The player whose clock runs out first is off the show and the victor takes their territory on the floor and inherits the loser’s category as their own. As a player gains more territory, the more categories open up to choose from. The winning player can then either challenge another player to expand their territory or go back to the floor and another player is randomly picked to play.Each episode consists of 7 duels, and whoever has the most territory at the end of each episode wins $20,000 to keep, no matter what happens, with the overall winner of the season pocketing $250,000.

    Now for my initial thoughts. It’s the latest in the current line of ‘identify the image on the screen’ shows like In With A Shout and Picture Slam. The idea of 81 people contesting the whole season and the USP of claiming territory is a novel concept, one that I haven’t seen much of, if at all, on other game shows and it’s one I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. The categories took me a while to wrap my head around, as it looked to me that a player in control will never see their own category. It’s always the player you challenge that sees their category. If they win, they take your category as theirs, but if you win, their category becomes yours. Let me explain: The first player picked had Veggies as her category and challenged another woman with Tools as her category. The player with Veggies lost the duel, so the challenger had her Tools category replaced with Veggies. She then challenged a guy with Cars as his category, he won the duel, so he inherited Veggies as his category. It takes a bit to sink in, but I think I have the gist of it.

    I think this will be a show that gets better as it goes on. These first few episodes will be the players sizing each other up, but the real meat of it will be when players are eliminated and pockets of territory are taken, which will then be up for grabs, so it’ll be interesting to see massive swings happening between players who have sizable chunks of territory to play for.

      1. Andrew Sullivan

        Ah, so you have. Feel free to delete if it’s not relevant, then. Also, such a shame that Youngest isn’t around any more as I’d probably have liked to see this show adapted here.


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