Last One Laughing Ireland

By | January 22, 2024

This launched to no apparent fanfare or advertising on Friday on Prime, this Irish take on the Documental format sees comedians battle it out to make each other laugh whilst not laughing themselves and risking elimination. Graham Norton’s hosting.

Anyone watched it yet?

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One thought on “Last One Laughing Ireland

  1. Crimsonshade

    I was actually picked online to watch a pilot of this show and give my feedback on it back in October. I thought it was a fun concept, but it’s not really the kind of thing I’d keep tuning in for.

    Basically, ten comedians spend… I think it was six?… hours together in everyone’s company, Big Brother style, and the aim is to try to get the other comedians to react to you in an amused manner. It doesn’t even have to be a laugh — something as simple as a smirk could be picked up as a slip. A comedian who DOES slip up gets yellow-carded, and two yellow cards eliminates you from the game. Graham Norton watches proceedings in a room full of screens off the main living area. At any time, he can press a button to stop the clock and sound a siren, then he’ll walk in to hand out any yellow cards he deems appropriate. Anyone still in the game when time expires wins.

    There are twists, though. The set has a stage with an open mic; and each comedian gets an opportunity to do their own impromptu stand-up performance, which they announce by ringing a bell. All comedians must then be present to watch the performance. They’re not the only ones performing, either — guest stars can make appearances at any time and put on a show as well. And there are props galore for the comedians to find and play with — one comedian in the pilot started riding a tiny bicycle and even set up ramps and attempted a jump!


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