It’s the Poll of the Year 2023 results!

By | January 27, 2024

We’ve been and gone! Watch the video below for a 90 minute results and discussion round-up, or you can head to for the written report.

Thanks to everyone who voted, all the statistics feature under the cut.

Right, so in each category we’ll list all shows that posted more than one vote and the percentages given are the amount of ballots the show appears on, a kind of audience share if you like.

Popmaster TV	57.5
The Finish Line	52.5
Deal or No Deal	48.8
Puzzling	30.0
Big Brother	26.3
In With A Shout	26.3
Survivor	26.3
The Piano	25.0
Picture Slam	22.5
I Kissed a Boy	10.0
Rise and Fall	10.0
Tempting Fortune	7.5
Alone	6.3
Challenge Anneka	6.3
Next Level Chef	6.3
Get Set Galactic	5.0
Scared of the Dark	5.0
Ten to the Top	5.0
Jon and Lucy's Odd Couples	3.8
Mamma Mia	3.8
Ultimate Wedding Planner	2.5

Rise and Fall	35.0
Next Level Chef	32.5
In With A Shout	27.5
Picture Slam	27.5
Survivor	26.3
Puzzling	20.0
Mamma Mia	18.8
The Finish Line	16.3
Scared of the Dark	12.5
Tempting Fortune	12.5
Ten to the Top	10.0
Deal or No Deal	8.8
Jon and Lucy's Odd Couples	8.8
Big Brother	7.5
Challenge Anneka	7.5
Selling Super Houses	7.5
Strangers on a Plane	6.3
Go Hard or Go Home	5.0
I Kissed a Boy	3.8
The Challenge UK	3.8
The Greatest Auction	3.8
Alone	2.5
Popmaster TV	2.5
Project Icon	2.5
The Dating Pool	2.5
The Vintage French Farmhouse	2.5

Only Connect	51.3
The 1% Club	37.5
House of Games	27.5
Taskmaster	25.0
The Wheel	25.0
The Chase	23.8
Bridge of Lies	16.3
Countdown	16.3
Limitless Win	16.3
Deal or No Deal	11.3
Popmaster TV	11.3
Mastermind	8.8
Pointless	8.8
The Hit List	8.8
The Masked Singer	8.8
Tipping Point	8.8
Eurovision Song Contest	7.5
University Challenge	7.5
The Finish Line	6.3
Beat the Chasers	5.0
Big Brother	5.0
Blankety Blank	5.0
Catchphrase	5.0
Race Across the World	5.0
Tenable	5.0
The Great British Bake Off	5.0
The Weakest Link	5.0
Lingo	3.8
The Piano	3.8
A Question of Sport	2.5
In For A Penny	2.5
Sitting On A Fortune	2.5
Strictly	2.5
Survivor	2.5
The Apprentice	2.5
Would I Lie to You	2.5

Squid Game: The Challenge	23.8
The Devil's Plan	20.0
007 Road To a Million	13.8
Cheat	12.5
Jet Lag	11.3
Lateral	7.5
Physical 100	6.3
Takeshi's Castle	5.0
Fingers on Buzzers	3.8
Gambit Game	2.5
Game Changer	2.5
No More Jockeys	2.5
Run For The Money	2.5
TLDR Race Across Europe	2.5

2023 Awards Ceremony Viewer Poll

Only the most popular results listed in some cases.

Was 2023 better or worse than 2022 for game shows?
Worse – 50%
Better – 37.5%
The same – 12.5%

Which channel/broadcaster has made the game shows you enjoy most?
ITV1/2/3/4 – 25%
BBC1 – 25%
BBC2 – 25%
Channel 4 – 9.4%
Other online (Amazon etc.) – 9.4%

What is the method through which you watch game shows MOST of the time?
TV set – 69.7%
PC/laptop – 27.3%

How do you feel about the quantity of shows, as a viewer?
I get time to see what I’m interested in – 54.5%
There’s not enough time to watch everything – 30.3%
I’m struggling to find enough to watch – 15.2%

Which if these do you do regularly when watching game shows (tick all that apply)?
Using the scrubber bar to skip boring bits – 39.4%
Watching at a higher speed (e.g. 1.5x) – 24.2%
If you had to choose between the two, which of these would you prefer?
An 8-out-of-10 production of brand show – 68.8%
A 9-out-of-10 remake of an existing show – 31.3%

Which of the streaming platforms produces game show-related content that most consistently excites or intrigues you?
Netflix – 30.8%
Twitch – 30.8%
YouTube – 23.1%

What game show-related question is NOT on this 2023 survey that we should have asked instead?
Responses included:
– Which 90s daytime game show format is the best ever and should clearly be brought back immediately?”
– Game show hosts tend to be drawn from a small pool of trusted stars. Which other celeb do you think would do a great job of hosting a quiz or game show?
– Which long-running show has had its day?
– In the age of climate change, which format of certain shows would you change to lower the carbon footprint?
– What board game should be made into a tv show?
– How much longer until ITV gets sick of Stephen Mulhern?

HIDDEN GEM AWARD – Which of the new minor shows do you think deserves special recognition?
The Piano – 26.3%
Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples – 15.8%
The Great Auction Showdown – 15.8%
Alone – 15.8%

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