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By | March 6, 2024

Look, Bridge of Lies is back on Monday. That’s news and exciting isn’t it? And I’ve got a tenner on Fern Britton to win Celeb Big Brother, and I’m hoping they’ll book Fred Dinenage on Late and Live. Josh Must Win starts on E4 soon and has all the hallmarks of a show the media set will go big for but nobody will actually watch, so look forward to that.

Anyway here’s five minutes of Trivial Pursuit with Rory McGrath, from 1990 BBC2. I’m convinced the head-to-head game had some sort of bridge building mechanic which isn’t on show here, perhaps they changed the rules.

Meanwhile Made in Maidstone is currently knocking it out of the park with their uploads at the moment, here’s an episode of a quiz called That’s What You Think! hosted by Irish TV legend Gay Byrne which I don’t remember at all despite growing up in TVS-land.

Hoping for lots more regional quizzes even if they might be a bit crap. But what if they’ve got the full Stu Francis run of Ultra Quiz? Readers I might faint.

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